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Welcome to our blog, where we mainly focus on the latest trends in the sphere of virtual staging. Here you can find out how has the industry changed within last several years, what tendencies appeared and which problems can be solved by means of virtual staging. We also share important tips for real estate agents, talk about marketing, and write about home staging, decor, and interior design. Stay updated!

10 Simple Staging Tips That Make a Home Irresistible

Staging is a perfect way to attract more interested people to the listing and convince that the home is worth its money. This technique is used by many real estate agents who have already appreciated the benefits of staging.

Staged homes are sold faster and for bigger money so there should not be any doubts in preparing homes for sale in such a way. One more unrivaled benefit of staging is an ability to add any home irresistible look. Consider 10 staging tips mentioned in the article and your home might shine with a new awesome look.

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10 Free And Incredibly Useful Real Estate Organization Tools

A job of the real estate agent has changed greatly with the technological boost. Today it is not enough to show an empty property to sell it. Every Estate should be prepared for sale and technology can be helpful in this. There are many different tools that can be useful for realtors.

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How to Prepare Your House for Sale: 5 Home Staging Tips & Ideas

Many people experience the problem of selling property and desire to get the most of its cost. That is why good preparation for house sale is a necessity. Never believe that a fully furnished or completely empty house is everything you need to sell it. Such science as marketing offers many effective ways and interesting hints how to stage a house for sale and get a good deal.

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Top 10 Home Staging Mistakes Made By Realtors

Home staging has already become one of the most popular marketing tools. Realtors do not lose an opportunity to use home staging to present the potential of the home as it increases sales and attracts new clients. Naturally, only high-quality home staging can benefit real estate agents in their efforts to sell homes, so there is no right for mistakes.

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Virtual Staging as Marketing Technology: How to Use it Right

It is obvious that virtual reality is mainly associated with the game industry where it gains pace incessantly. But don’t doubt that the modern use of virtual reality can contribute not only to gamification. One of the industries that might benefit greatly due to virtual reality is property marketing. Vendors can be presented homes or apartments in their best light thanks to it. Designers can create winning combinations that might make the whole design appealing and interesting.

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3D Virtual Staging Software Review

Now, in 2017 there are very few real estate professionals who express any doubts about virtual staging effectiveness. Statistical data clearly demonstrates the growth of sales, turning 3d home staging into a must-have marketing tool. In these terms, leading realty companies to show strong interest in buying virtual staging software to reduce the costs they have for paying for every single staged room. At the same time, owning a license for high-quality soft allows to beat the competition and bring the sales to principally new higher leveCurrently, there is a quite limited number of virtual staging software programs available on the Web. In this article, we present our top 5 list of programs used by professional 3D stagers.
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Virtual Staging Apartments: In-Depth Statistics & Performance

What are the core reasons to use staging in virtual reality? What rooms due to the buyers' opinions are the most important to be staged? Is there any difference in dollar value suggested for staged and empty homes? On this page, these and more questions are answered by a plain and convincing language of numbers. Stay with us to learn about 3D virtual staging truths and myths revealed by more than 2000 real estate sellers from Realtor.com community.

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What Is Virtual Staging & How Does It Work? Explained by Spotless Agency

Staging in virtual reality is a service that we provide to our customers who are mainly real estate agents. This technology is used to improve buyers` impression of the property available for sale and rent that subsequently leads to significant sales growth. As a rule, agents take photos of empty homes and place them on specialized websites where they can find potential customers. But as practice shows, bare walls and spaces without furniture attract too few buyers and in this connection virtually staged rooms are appeared to be just the right thing at the right time.

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