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Home Staging As An Art of Real Estate


Nowadays fewer and fewer people wish to spend their valuable time on repairs and staging of the property. If a person comes to the conclusion to buy a home, he wishes that it reminded an example from the latest home interior magazines. That is a proof that it has everything necessary for comfortable living and you can move there as soon as you buy the estate.

This is one of the main reasons why so many real estate agents advise their clients who wish to sell the property to opt for professional staging services. There is hardly a client who wishes to see in the home he is willing to buy some personal or old things that have been valued by the owner. That is why modern property on sale can be compared with an empty canvas that should be adorned with a talented master to appeal to the potential buyers.


Is staging an art?

Many people argue if an interior designer job can be called creative. Of course, there are some rules of placing furniture or using color schemes, but only a talented artist can create a comfortable and adorable interior. Designers not only have to combine colors like real artists but also find wonderful combinations of textures, patterns, sizes etc. and organize space in such a way that it could meet all the requirements of the residents. It means that designer job is much more difficult and unpredictable that it seems.

It goes without saying that staging is a real art and its examples can deserve the right to be called masterpieces only when people living in the staged interiors will admit their comfort and brilliant look. It is a real challenge to make a perfectly looking interior design convenient and practical but real estate experience confirms that it is possible, undoubtedly.



Modern staging tendencies

Who does not wish to live like an emperor? You may wonder but modern preferences differ significantly from those ones enjoyed by royal societies. Modern people look for a clean simple lifestyle supported by minimalistic but practical furniture. Overhauled space does not allow seeing the proportions of the property and influences the style of the room negatively. It is more important to create the right environment than transform the space into a warehouse.


One more argument in favor of staging is an inability of people to envision the potential of the property. A variety of newly built apartments delivered in the state that requires repairing and staging is an evidence of the fact that not professionally staged homes never meet expectations of their owners. People invest huge sums of money with the desire to create anything special, but lack of knowledge and artistic vision result in interiors that have no style at all.


Home staging vs virtual staging

It is natural that not every person has those several thousand dollars to hire a professional and creative home stagger to transform the property look physically. It is mainly a prerogative of the luxury property where prices can make huge leaps forward and back. But how can ordinary people transform their property into a designer masterpiece? Today it is possible to show the potential of the vacant property without actual staging. Modern technology has made its contribution to the world of real estate and every person can see how his home may look like if it becomes a canvas for an artist.

Virtual staging allows creating designer masterpieces from any home despite its age, look or condition. Even a hut can acquire a majestic look thanks to the creativity and skills of the designer. Modern buyers received a chance to see how the property they are going to buy will look if they put some effort and order all those items depicted in the image.

Home staging both actual and virtual is undoubtedly an art. If you are lucky to meet a skillful and talented designer who will transform your property into a masterpiece, never refuse from his services. No matter whether an artist makes a design to realize it in reality or to show the potential of empty homes, a designer uses only really existing furniture pieces that can be purchased without much effort. That means that even virtually staged images can be fulfilled in life easily.