Virtual Staging Features

Incredibly Powerful. By Design.


Photorealistic High Quality Furniture

After thousands of hours in research and development, we bring you the highest quality furniture in the industry. All furniture features life-like realism using the latest in advanced 3D rendering and photographic techniques. Expect your virtually staged photos to look just like a photograph.


Cohesive Design

Virtually stage the same room from multiple points of view. Highlight different features, better display room layouts and provide a seamless experience that helps buyers visualize it as their own.


Do your kitchen photos have big empty holes where appliances should go? We can add refrigerators, ovens, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers and washers and dryers. These can be added by request while placing your order. We recommend disclosing whether or not the property will be sold with appliances in the listing description. Available in white, black and stainless steel.



If mother nature or recent construction destroyed your landscaping we can help. We can add grass, tress, shrubs and flowers to your photos. All we need is a photo of the area you would like landscaped. Unlike furniture, landscaping is often expected to be sold with the home. For this reason we recommend using our watermark and disclosing what type of landscaping will be sold with the property.

Window Treatments

Add some style and warmth with drapes, blinds or curtains. Window treatments can be added by request when placing your order. Window treatments are available in any color. Unlike furniture, they are often sold with the home and we won't add them unless requested. For this reason we recommend using our watermark and disclosing if window treatments will be sold with the property.



Home shoppers love our photo and often want to know how virtual staging works or what was changed. You may also want to disclose that the photos are virtually staged. We offer a small watermark in the bottom corner of your photos so viewers know they were virtually staged. You can add or remove the watermark before you download your completed photos. The watermark will appear as a small white line of text that reads: "Virtually Staged -"


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