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10 Best Home Design Blogs To Subscribe And Learn From

The design is a creative art as well as science so you should always be in search of new ideas and knowledge. If a designer does not keep up with modern trends, his projects get lost in the abundance of others and become outdated. That is why every designer should have time for self-improvement and be aware of the innovations and novelties of the industry. If you are thinking about redesigning your home, but are unsure about what to get, or how to go about it. Then the one thing that you could do would be to take a look at something like this bistro furniture, or you could take a look at these window treatments, however, there are loads of things that you can do and take a look at when it comes to redesigning your home, such as revamping your windows inside and out with shutters from home design companies such as Shuttercraft.

The best way to follow modern trends is to look for inspiring ideas among professionals. Many famous designers share their vision in popular interior design blogs, so here are top 10 best home design blogs to read.

1. Coco Kelley

A wonderful blog of Cassandra La Valle will let you dive into glamorous interiors. She follows the latest interior trends and shares her vision and examples in her blog. You can find many examples of interior design, browse the travel section and learn about exclusive design shops and places around the world, read about entertaining design as well as look through exclusive DIY items.

2. Old Brand New

A designer, photographer and art director Dabito has also created a blog that can be a great inspiration for young designers. He provides a variety of visual materials and articles like ‘Before and After’. There are many DIY ideas for people who like hand-made things and home tours around different flats and houses. Learn about a variety of decorative items and many interesting things connected with style in this informative blog.

3. Coco Lapine Design

Sarah Van Peteghem, a person with an endless inspiration, shares her ideas in the blog. All her projects are characterized by a romantic touch and brilliant aesthetics. Her blog categories will be appreciated by every reader as there you can find everything from interior inspiration and design to travel and DIY examples.

4. Savvy Home

A blog of Gabrielle Savoie is mainly focused on the combination of “coastal lifestyle” and “American design”. Called an online decor destination it serves as an inspiration for avid creative personalities. Look for wonderful posts about design and decor in the blog and you will find a big amount of information on style and fashion as well.

5. Apartment 34

Founded by Erin Hiemstra it is one of the most popular home design blogs as every interior featured on the website is carefully chosen by the blogger and is accompanied by a variety of images and interesting descriptions. Be sure to find there everything from garland ideas to mouthwatering dishes and decoration trends. Stunning designs and wonderful pinnable images are waiting for you too.

6. Emily Henderson

A blog entitled in the honor of its creator offers vibrant and awesome interior designs from the stylist and television personality Emily Henderson. There are unrivalled pieces of advice meeting all budgets as well as a variety to makeovers with images before and after. She offers overview of different design resources and videos to support the topic of interior design and style in general.

7. Country and Town House

The online magazine is a great destination for everyone interested in home design. You can find an abundance of useful information about living in a home as well as adore the ‘Interiors’ section that is devoted to interesting design ideas. There are news, best designers, places to buy and extraordinary decor ideas as well as many other interesting posts.

8. Get In My Home

This interior blog is a creation of Emily Osmond. She started sharing stories of Australian designers and design houses. The blog can be useful for everyone who looks for interior design tips, wishes to get acquainted with famous designers and wishes to know some creative ideas.

9. Decor8

Holly Becker started Decor blog in 2004. Today it is a big source of design and decorating tips, color ranges, DIY items and many other topics. There is a focus on objects, places, businesses, people, so you can choose a category you love. One more exclusive feature of the blog is e-courses in interior design for beginners so do not lose your chance to learn something new!

10. Amber Interiors

This blog was founded by Amber who owns Amber Interiors Inc. The firm provides its clients with interior design and architectural practical solutions. In the blog, Amber shares his ideas, projects, inspirations. The categories of the website offer before and after solutions, designer quick tips, and many visual examples worth looking through.

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