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10 Free And Incredibly Useful Real Estate Organization Tools

A job of the real estate agent has changed greatly with the technological boost (Read: Virtual Staging As Marketing Technology: How To Use It Right). Today it is not enough to show an empty property to sell it. Every Estate should be prepared for sale and technology can be helpful in this. There are many different tools that can be useful for realtors like

Today we will speak about the best organization tools for realtors that are absolutely free of charge.

1. MIR3

MIR3 is a communication tool for the employees of the real estate and marketing sphere. As the job of a real estate agent involves selling, renting or proving help with buying property, they must be aware of the novelties and connected with others. They should address any issues rapidly no matter whether these are reminders about the meeting time or its confirmation. The tool allows sharing information and keeps your clients and partners informed as well as act quickly when a situation requires that.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media tool used by many companies. Its set of features and functions can be beneficial for every business. You can follow your company in the search send messages in several networks according to the schedule. Realtors can communicate directly with the clients through this tool and use analytics to learn the number of likes, comments, changes in the traffic, activity etc.

The other useful functions of Hootsuite for realtors are managing your social-media team as well as send messages through the geopositioning tool. The tool allows following the trends and is always aware of the news.

3. Feedly

Providing users with premium content is not less important than communication with them. To attract more interested people real estate agents should offer exciting and up-to-date content. Feedly is a great tool to get only the relevant information on the topic and be always a war of the novelties. You can forget about the tiresome search of suitable content as using Feedly you can tick the content you have enjoyed and add it to your personal account.

4. Curalate

Curalate tool helps to enhance sales through social media. The tool will be useful for social media websites that focus on a visual material as it helps to transform images and videos into customer actions and commerce. Moreover, now the tool allows improving search experience by pairing images and videos with machine learning. It is very important for realtors whose work is closely connected with images and videos.

5. Pagemodo

If you desire to change the look of your page on social media website, Pagemodo is the only right choice. Its goal is to transform a dull and non-distinctive page into an exclusive design. The tool allows creating cover photos, custom tabs, contests and sweepstakes, schedule posts etc. You can also praise your fans with coupons and generate new leads with contact forms.
That is incredibly important for realtors who require attracting more leads and always struggle for higher ranking.

6. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that will be useful for real estate agents, as well as small businesses. With the idea of being able to manage tasks, prioritise and also use new additions such as time tracking for trello, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why the workflow within your real estate business has not improved.

It is customizable and easy-to-use so there are no difficulties in getting accustomed to it. The interface is user-friendly and cards can be moved from one column to another by drag-dropping. Realtors can use this tool for managing personal projects as well as communication with colleagues and clients. They can create to-do lists and get reminders not to miss them, attach files and set deadlines, build calendars and create teams with the opportunity to assign tasks to them. The possibilities of Trello are quite extensive, so every realtor will appreciate that.

7. Slack

The job of a realtor is impossible without communication. That is why a decent communication tool is a necessity. Slack is a perfect example. It is a messaging application available on most of the modern platforms. You can access it on mobile devices, desktop computers, and the web. There is an opportunity for channel creation dividing them into public and private ones. One of the greatest benefits is its integration with many other tools so its importance should not be underestimated.

8. DropBox

It is natural that real estate agents have huge volumes of information and files to share. However, it is not comfortable to store them on the computer and spend time for regular uploading them. That is why DropBox may help you to avoid that time-consuming task. Keep all your files in the cloud and send them easily. You can access these files from any device and send them to everyone without much effort.

9. FreshBooks

It goes without saying that realtor profession is connected with money. You should remember not only prices for the estate but also memorize how much money you have already got and what sum is required yet, remember your commission, extra expenses, tax sums etc. FreshBooks is an accounting tool available in the cloud to be able to make changes to it everywhere and anytime. It will be helpful in managing expenses, making financial reports or tracking your spending. Any issues connected with money will be simple and accurate. Of course, there are other options on the market. It’s why people make comparisons like freshbooks vs quickbooks online to see what works best for them. If in doubt, scout it out.

10. Snapseed

Sometimes stager work requires some minor corrections but there is no time to wait for having them made. Snapseed will become a necessity in this case. It is a photo editing tool available both Android and iOS mobile devices that will help you to edit images on the go. Make changes, hide drawbacks, change colors quickly and you will save your time as well as make your products look more appealing.

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