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10 Tips on how to live at home while it is for sale

How to survive at home for sale

Every person has a property he considers his home, but there are life situations when you need or have to sell it because of different reasons. At the same time, you do not want to leave it or have not found a place to move to yet and you need to stay at your home for sale for some period. However, despite the fact that you still live at your own home, when it is added to the listings the life of its owner’s changes too. You should not only prepare it for selling but also be always ready to welcome people who arrive on show at any time of the day. What changes does this life situation bring about? In fact, the list of such changes is rather long, so learn these tips to be prepared for such a life.

  1. Keep everything tidy and organized

Living at home for sale is the same as being ready for welcoming guests on a daily basis. Moreover, you never know exactly when these guests come: early in the morning or late at night. That is why you need to keep your home clean and maintained every day. It involves making beds every morning and doing your dirty dishes immediately after eating. Try to avoid eating on your couch if possible, that way you can decrease crumbs and bacteria. If you don’t have a table to eat at, you can easily keep your home clean with an upholstery cleaning machine. Removing any bacteria and stains from your furniture before people come to look around is always good. Be sure to keep your yard tidy and clean too.

2. No smoking indoors

Your nasty habit can play a bad trick with you if you continue doing it inside your home. Naturally, if you used to smoke in the house, you will have to pay a pretty penny for the restoration and removal of the smell. However, if you have already done it and continue smoking inside, be ready to get many refusals since not every person agrees to live in the house like that.

3. Make your home smell nice

It goes without saying that you need to cook and use cleaning liquids while you are in. Sometimes, they produce not a very good smell, especially if you burn anything. If such a situation happens, air the room immediately and try to fill your home with a pleasant smell. Bake delicious cookies to create a lovely atmosphere and use special fluids to make the air fresh.

4. Keep comfortable temperature according to the season

Whether it is freezing outdoors or it is incredibly hot there, the temperature in your home must be comfortable for you and your guests. Naturally, do not switch off heating even if you live in another place since your home will not be able to increase the temperature quickly when you arrive there. Moreover, sudden drop and growth of temperature leads to condensation and may have a detrimental effect too.

5. Fill vases with fresh flowers

How pleasant it is to gaze at fresh flowers that decorate the room and smell their lovely scent! Make yourself control this when your home is being sold since the potential buyers can turn up any time.

6. Remove litter every day

Unpleasant smell and tons of rubbish are really discouraging. Not everyone agrees to buy a home that was not cared about properly. Smells have a tendency to soak into wall, fabrics, and other textures, so try to get rid of litter every new day. Litter can also attract pests, and the last thing you want is a pest infestation and to call out termite in texas pest control right before a potential buyer visits.

7. Don’t let yourself talk to the potential buyers too much and be patient

Every homeowner should remember that it is a real estate agent who sells a home, not a person who lives there. It is important to answer questions of potential buyers in short and try to be brief. Experts also advise to avoid any questions and wait for the information from the agent patiently.

8. Hide all the valuables in a safe place

Naturally, your home is regularly inspected by people you see for the first time. Nobody can say for sure why they have arrived at this place, so it is better to keep all the valuable items you have in one place hidden from the eyes of others. It is preferable to remove them from this home at all, but if it is not possible, just follow the tip above.

9. Keep your pets outdoors or at another person’s home

There are people who love pets and there are ones who hate them. You can never know who will buy your home, but any evidence of the pet presence can ruin all the plans and hopes. What do people think about that? Bad smell, damages and scratches, fur is everywhere – these are only some of the thoughts occurring to them. That is why no matter how dearly you love your pet, it is better to split up with it for some time to sell your home faster.

10. Stay positive

The host of the house represents the atmosphere which used to be there before the sale. If you meet people keeping a grudge or being frustrated, their perception of the home will be absolutely different. It is important to be positive, keep smiling or being serious, but without any negative note felt.

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