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5 Questions hated by real estate agents

5 Questions to get on the realtor’s nerves

Many professions require excellent communication skills and the job of a real estate agent is not an exception. Despite the fact that people working in this industry must be patient and sociable, there are situations when you go out of the frames. Most often, such cases occur when realtors hear a certain set of questions or some of them. If you think that there is no question that will make you feel nervous if you are employed in real estate business, look through this list before you give your own answer.

  1. Why do you get so big money for such an easy work?

People who think that money earned in the real estate business is easy do not realize all the responsibilities of a real estate agent. It is not enough to find an example of a property in the listing and offer it to the client. In fact, it is also necessary to analyze the market, explore the neighborhood, prepare documents, appraisal, insurance and complete many other tasks to get the commission.

2. My agent is busy. Would you show me the home?

If you have already signed a contract with another agent who will get money for the operation, why should another person spend his valuable time for showing you any property? Nobody likes working free of charge.

3. Can we negotiate your commission?

Most often, every agency sets the amount of the realtor’s commission that cannot be changed. When a person is asked to negotiate the commission, the only thing he can do is to explain why it is so and in which cases it can go up.

4. Just at first sight, how much can I ask for my house?

Realtors require to make a thorough inspection of the home and compare it with other similar examples in the listing to offer the final price. The range between the minimum and maximum cost can be rather big, so a professional will never agree to suppose such facts.

5. Is this neighborhood good or bad?

Realtors who work in a certain neighborhood will never admit that it is bad since there won’t be any deal completed successfully then. Real estate agents who cover the area of the whole town or city do not desire to answer these questions since they can count only on the information received from other sources. And if a person did not live in this neighborhood alone and felt all the pros and cons of it, he will not agree to give a certain answer to this question. 

Realtor job involves many aspects ordinary people do not know about, so when a professional is asked questions like ones offered above, it leads only to disappointment and stress. However, if you plan to cooperate with a real estate agent, try to stick to the point and avoid any senseless phrases.

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