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5 Rough Mistakes Of Outdoor Space Staging

Private cottages with much outdoor space are very popular in the real estate market, but some of them may stay there for many years and the reason for that is not a price. Often, lack of designer skills or the absence of desire to keep order by the home discourage the potential buyers. Every person wishes to buy a perfect house so any staging mistakes, outdoor ones, in particular, are a huge drawback. It’s important that you think of any imperfection, even small things you wouldn’t think would put anyone off. For example, if you have any missing or chipped tiles on your roof, it can make the potential buyer think there are further issues with the house. Getting Ace Roofing ( to replace these faults can be the difference between a sale or not. Let’s see what outdoor space staging mistakes should be avoided for a home to be a top viewed ad in the listings.

1. Overgrown plants and trees

Whether you are going to stage an outdoor space virtually or actually in both cases overgrown plants and trees will spoil the look. It is impossible to create anything eye-catching if the landscape is not taken care of. Weeds in the grass and walkways, formless bushes, dry branches – all this and many other things will make the house look disordered. A service or some effort of the owners appear to be a necessity.

2. Absence of garden furniture

Any outdoor area will look empty or unfinished if there is no garden furniture. How can you serve dinner in the garden without a single table? There is hardly anything more convincing than lounge chairs with cushions, a coffee table, an umbrella to save from bright sunlight or a uniform set of teak furniture. Such a small addition is considered as extra square footage, especially if there is a stage under it.

3. Dusty and dirty space

Even the most luxurious furniture and exclusive accessories will look strange if they are placed in a dirty and dusty area. The presence of unclean places spoils the first impression about the whole home even if it is noticeable only outside. Is there any sense to lay soft cushions on the furniture if sitting on them you will see dirty and spotted windows or unswept stairways. It is very important to prepare good exterior photos without dirt and dust if you wish to order virtual staging services or all the efforts will be useless.

4. Clutter is not cleared

Sometimes it is better to have a bit empty area rather than covered with the abundance of clutter. Nobody wishes to buy a home and take away someone’s rubbish. Even if these things might be precious for current owners as they provoke moving memories, for new owners they will be considered rubbish. This is why current owners who are moving out should hire a removals company, or a moving company to help them rid of their things. Whether they require long distance movers or movers for a trip down the street there is certainly someone out there to assist you with your move, so you don’t leave it all for the next home owners to clear up. That is why it is important to declutter the outside space around the home to provide it with an elegant and careful look. In addition, a decluttered area is more suitable for virtually staged images too.

5. No flowers

Some images of homes or even yards of real houses seem a bit unnatural and dry. Why does it happen? Lack of bright spots and blossom create a gloomy and artificial effect. If you want to make the atmosphere of the yard and patio inviting, never forget to decorate them with flowers in blossom or some bushes of berries. Of course, it is impossible to do that in late fall or winter, but most homes with outdoor space are most often sold in summer and spring, so if you prepare your home for selling, add a hint of nature to more functional areas.

Any of these mistakes will discourage a potential buyer even if you order professional designer to stage your outdoor space. Despite the fact that they may seem insignificant, their role should not be underestimated in the successful home staging as such it may seem trifles can help you to sell property faster and for bigger money.

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