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7 Types of business ideas in the real estate industry

How to earn money from real estate

Many people come to real estate business because it is considered to be a rather profitable job. However, the real estate is often associated only with one vacancy – real estate agent. At the same time, there are several other ways how to earn money in this industry too.

  1. Real estate agent

Of course, it is the main job associated with buying, selling and renting property. However, not every person can apply for such a vacancy. Many states require special certification and education to be able to work in this sphere. However, if you managed to enter this business once and keep up with modern trends, it is a perfect way to get profit and be not restricted by office walls or regular working hours.

2. Landlord

Many people who own several types of property rent it out and get regular money for it. It is a great way to save your money as a strong investment into real estate as well as get bonus money each month or quarter. If you achieve the level of a high landlord, this kind of business can give you enough money to stop working forever. If you do decide to become a landlord, consider using a tenant screening service to ensure you know exactly who will be living in your property.

3. Property flipping

If you have at least several thousand dollars in your pocket, you can try earning money flipping property. This term means buying homes or offices in the devastated state, repairing them to look modern and selling for much bigger money. This is not a business to get cash flow on a regular basis, but the profits you get can be enough to live for several months.

4. Property management

When you are not ready to make significant investments at the beginning of your real estate career, it is possible to take up a property management job. You can maintain, upkeep as well as find people to rent property and get a commission. However, if you offer people management services, you need an office as well as some storage space to keep your equipment and materials.

5. Bird-dogging

It is a freelance real estate business when a person finds sellers for the property that has not been added to the listings yet. Of course, you need to have a certain number of skills to find good deals for investors, but it can be also a way to work part-time.

6. Taking photographs and making video tours

It is difficult to imagine a listing that does not include photos of the property for sale. Even if such ones exist, they are rarely viewed by potential buyers.

Photographs and video tours have become an indispensable part of the real estate industry. Moreover, it is a proven fact that listings with professional photos are sold faster and viewed more often. It is a reason why modern property owners do not save on the quality of the photos and even order virtual or home staging services if their property is vacant. If you like taking photos and shooting video, have advanced knowledge of the respective software, and artistic talent, this sphere can be close to you.

7. Combination of several types

The last type of real estate business includes the combination of the jobs mentioned above. It is possible to be a real estate agent, a landlord, as well as buy property in the poor state and renovate it. As a result, you will have several sources of profits but the number of responsibilities will increase too.

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