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Today’s Lesson Is About: Eclectic

Every person with the soul of an artist dreams to fulfill his or her desire to create anything and interior design is a perfect way to do that. This is why there are so many dedicated interior design blogs online that share their own loves and creations. To have a look at some of these and find the best ones, it may be wise to check out a website like that shows a wide range of different sites. At the same time, being overwhelmed with creative ideas there is always some trembling when you try to combine things that seem to be from different planets. However, there should not be reasons to worry as even the most unpredictable solutions can look great in the Eclectic style on which we will focus in this article.

Eclectic style: definition and origin

The word ‘eclectic’ has been used for centuries but only recently it has entered the area of decorative styles. Initially, it has appeared in the field of fine arts and architecture describing the style of artists that never adhere to one style.

Today eclectic style is defined as one to encompass different styles and periods that are combined through the use of different colors, textures, shapes etc. The designer can mix and match absolutely opposite and controversial elements to achieve a striking beauty of the interior. Of course, if you mix a little of this and that, it will not be the Eclectic style until the room acquires a finished and appealing look. In any other cases, you might get only a mess. (Read: Today’s Lesson Is About: Contemporary)

Bedroom Virtual Staging by Spotless Agency

The Eclectic style does not put the designer into any frames and restrictions as there is room for creativity and extraordinary solutions. You can find a place to the most unusual objects in this style and what is more, they will seem to have been there for ages. The main advantage of the Eclectic style is independence from stereotypes and rules and possibility to create rules with your own mind and hands. (Read: 10 Simple Staging Tips That Make A Home Irresistible). The only goal of a designer working in this style is to get a cohesive look of all the elements for them to work together and though it seems too easy, in reality, everything is completely different.

The main characteristics of the Eclectic style

Despite the fact that many people think the Eclectic style can’t and does not have any key features, in reality, there are some common rules and characteristics how to implement it efficiently.

1. Contrast is the basis of mismatching

The energy of Eclecticism is taken from contrast so you will hardly find some similar elements in this style. On the other hand, even if all the pieces look very differently, there should be a common ground to unite them in this style. It is necessary to choose several anchor must-have elements and add the variety of decor in regard to them. It is also important to create parallels for the room not to look overstaffed.

Bedroom Virtual Staging by Spotless Agency

2. Repetition for rhythm

When we speak about repetition, it does not obligatory mean to have two absolutely identical elements in one room. It can be a repetition of forms or colors for the room to look rhythmic. Most of these elements are determined only after setting up the fundamental pieces as they create a motif and atmosphere.

3. Think of proportions and a general composition

Living room Virtual Staging by Spotless Agency

The room interior must be balanced for it to be pleasant to be in. Incorrect consideration of the proportions and absence of composition may result in the messy and strange interior that has nothing to do with style.

4. Diversify the textures

Sometimes the interior can be understood only by touch. The Eclectic style welcomes different textures that even might be opposite to each other. Smooth and soft surfaces should be combined with rough and hard ones. Shiny elements need a company of matte ones. Wood and glass will look especially interesting if combined with metal and stone. Every element should have its character and texture but still be an indispensable part of the wholesome Iook.

Bedroom Virtual Staging by Spotless Agency

5. Simple and clear background for eye-catching decor

The Eclectic style is mainly based on elements of decor and furniture that are collected in the single room, so the background for these items should not compete with them – it must be plain, neutral and simple.

6. Colors should be cohesive with patterns

The Eclectic style has no restrictions in combining colors and shades, so you can play with them according to your wishes. However, your task is not to overdo. Preferring bright and colorful patterns opt for softer background colors or vice verse. It is impossible to feel great living in the overwhelming rooms.

7. Don’t be afraid to surprise

The feeling of surprise is another feature of the Eclectic style. That is why any element that may strike the eyesight is admissible in it. At the same time, such impressive elements must be surrounded by simpler furniture to make an accent on them.

Useful tips to consider designing room in the Eclectic style

The design is a responsible task that can be completed effectively only by the professional. If you wish to try your hand at designing a room in the Eclectic style, consider the following pieces of advice (Read: 10 Simple Staging Tips That Make A Home Irresistible):

– Layout must be considered at the initial stage;

– Determine what element will be a focal point of the room;

– Use one style in all rooms of the house;

– Compare hues and choose one color to dominate the interior;

– Experience what it is to live in the new style for several days to ensure that some changes are really required;

– Think about utility as decor to add comfort and style to the room.

Bedroom Virtual Staging by Spotless Agency


Eclectic style is liked and adopted not be every person as it unites things that have little in common. Moreover, it centers on the combination of styles so a designer should be very acknowledged in other styles to apply them in practice perfectly. At the same time, this style provides a room with a fresh and unique look as well as makes it a masterpiece of the modern art. (Read: How To Prepare Your House For Sale: 5 Home Staging Tips & Ideas).

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