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Best 3D renderings software in 2018

Today you will not surprise anyone with 3D models of furniture, jewelry, online fitting rooms etc. It is rather a customary than an innovative feature of the modern websites. That is why many online destinations also want to take advantage of 3D rendering and look for companies that offer these services. Most such agencies and firms use professional software for rendering. It means that they follow the novelties offered in the market and do not lose a chance to benefit from them to be competitive. Let’s see what tools and software for 3D rendering is actual nowadays and is used by professional companies in 2018.

  1. 3ds Max Design
    This software has been created several years ago, but it still remains one of the most widely used software for 3D modeling. It is a complex integrated solution that is used in different spheres including architecture, construction, TV and movie industry, video games and many others.
    3DS Max Design features one of the fullest set of tools for 3D modeling. There is a built-in scripting language called MAXScript. Moreover, it offers different types of modeling including polygon, splines, non-uniform rational B-splines modeling and a surface tool. There are multiple predefined primitives including standard and extended ones. It also supports a variety of plugins and it makes this tool incredibly powerful.
  2. Arnold
    Being a ray tracing application this software can boast dozens of movies created with its help. The materials and textures of this tool are defined by a special language called Open Shading. The sense of this software lies in sending an abundance of incoherent rays throughout the scene. It has a number of advantages including the ease of use, photorealism, memory efficiency and a possibility to learn fast to use it. The other features of Arnold app are ease of fur and hair design, 3D motion blur, volumetric rendering, sub-surface scattering, scalability, instances etc.
  3. Maya
    Maya is 3D software used for animation and modeling, simulation and rendering. It is a part of the powerful rendering software from Autodesk and Dan be integrated with Arnold or 3DS Max.
    There is a great motion graphics toolset for creating complex procedural animations and effects. You will also appreciate the interactive grooming tools and a variety of MASH nodes.
  4. Blender
    The main benefit of this 3D rendering software is being open source. It means that you can use it free of charge and it is constantly improved by the community. The tool offers multiple functions including not only simulation and animation, but even compositing, motion tracking and video editing. The range of modeling tools allows creating advanced models, edit, and transform them easily. There is hardly any better camera and object tracker as well as a tool that allows drawing directly in 3D view port. With Python controlled interface it offers numerous add-one too.
  5. V-Ray
    V-Ray is a tool that can be integrated with almost all popular software nowadays. It offers a number of advantages to its users including quality lighting, shading and rendering tools, fast work, creative control etc. The tool is regularly updated so you can take advantage not only of physical hair materials, lighting analysis, switching between different materials but also denoising renderings and layered Alembic workflows.

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