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The top real estate broker joined Guinness Book records men

92 Homes a week: a record of the top US broker Are you a real estate agent or know someone in this profession? It is not a secret that some agents compete in the…

Andrey Zlobin 20.08.2019

How to plan a vacation for real estate agent

3 Strategies for realtor how to get a vacation. It is not a rarity that real estate agents have no time for their rest. Any break in the activity may result in a…

Andrey Zlobin 13.08.2019

7 Things done by top real estate agents

7 Things which differ top realtors from others Real estate business is a tough competition where only 5% of real estate agents manage to get to the top. In fact,…

Andrey Zlobin 09.08.2019

6 Tips for realtor how to survive a holiday season

Holiday season in real estate job: 6 survival tips Real estate business has its peaks and lull. The holiday season is usually a difficult period for real estate…

Andrey Zlobin 05.08.2019

10 Cities for making a real estate career in 2019

Real estate business differs from one city to another since. Every market has its own hot time, and if in one city, it can be easier to build your career in this…

Andrey Zlobin 02.08.2019

10 Traits of character for a successful realtor

Real estate job is incredibly popular nowadays since this career can be very rewarding if you manage to achieve success in it. At the same time, many newbie realtors…

Andrey Zlobin 24.07.2019

How to attract the first real estate clients

3 Simple ways to attract clients for new realtors Real estate agent profession is incredibly popular with Americans since sometimes commissions can be very high…

Andrey Zlobin 10.07.2019

Fancy cars for real estate agents: Yes or No?

How a car can impact the success of the real estate deal It is not surprising to see successful real estate agents who drive luxurious cars. Moreover, since their…

Andrey Zlobin 03.07.2019

5 Questions hated by real estate agents

5 Questions to get on the realtor’s nerves Many professions require excellent communication skills and the job of a real estate agent is not an exception. Despite…

Andrey Zlobin 28.06.2019

10 Tips on how to live at home while it is for sale

How to survive at home for sale Every person has a property he considers his home, but there are life situations when you need or have to sell it because of different…

Andrey Zlobin 24.06.2019
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