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Income of a real estate agent: 4 steps to understanding

The first thing that attracts people in realtor job is a possibility to get a high commission for every completed deal.

Andrew Zlobin 05.10.2020

5 tips on how to create an office atmosphere at home

Many people enjoy working from the comfort of their homes, especially if they used to change an office for it. It is possible to forget about a commute, ea...

Andrew Zlobin 30.09.2020

Short-term and long-term forecasts for real estate business in the pandemic

Every industry was influenced by a coronavirus, but in comparison with the beginning of the pandemic, now we can observe almost complete shutdown of many b...

Andrew Zlobin 24.09.2020

How to get a quick makeover thanks to virtual designer

It often happens that people get bored with the interior design they have and try to change anything there. However, the pandemic or any other reason may m...

Andrew Zlobin 22.09.2020

Dos and don’ts of changing real estate photography

Selling a property is a science and its key component is informative and spectacular listings. 9 out of 10 potential buyers look through the listings befor...

Andrew Zlobin 15.09.2020

A sudden increase in the sales of new homes: what to expect?

It is not a secret that the pandemic that started in February has slowed down the real estate market greatly if not stopped it at all.

Andrew Zlobin 10.09.2020

Perfect outdoor video tour: what to consider

Recent changes in people’s life and behavior caused by pandemic made video tours much more popular than they used to be

Andrew Zlobin 11.08.2020

How to make prospective tenants say WOW thanks to virtual staging

The number of homes offered for rent or leasing is constantly growing and prospective tenants become more demanding when it comes to the choice of the futu...

Andrew Zlobin 06.08.2020

5 tips on how to save money on purchase of your first home

It is always thrilling to spend big amounts of money, but what about the most tremendous purchase in your life?

Andrew Zlobin 27.07.2020

15 Signs Of Being an Inborn Real Estate Agent

15 signs to ensure that the real estate industry is for you There are situations when people who have worked in a certain industry face some challenges...

ANDREY ZLOBIN 03.10.2019