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Top 12 secrets of the real estate industry

12 secrets of the real estate agent’s profession The real estate business has been always considered to be one of the highest-paid ones. Many people dream to deal…

Andrey Zlobin 18.03.2020

Role of a real estate agent in the technology era

Can modern technology substitute real estate agents? Modern technological boost has changed many industries greatly and real estate business is not an exception.…

Andrey Zlobin 12.03.2020

10 Free And Incredibly Useful Real Estate Organization Tools

A job of the real estate agent has changed greatly with the technological boost (Read: Virtual Staging As Marketing Technology: How To Use It Right). Today it is…

Andrey Zlobin 29.03.2018

Real Estate Photography - Should It Be Art?

With the invention of the photo camera everyone, who uses it tries to make his images more beautiful and meaningful. Today, photography is regarded to be an artistic…

Andrey Zlobin 27.03.2018

Real Estate Brokers Using Virtual Reality To Show Homes Remotely

It goes without saying that technological breakthrough has made a great impact on many industries and real estate market is not an exception. Today, there is nothing…

Andrey Zlobin 27.03.2018

Perspectives Of 3D Real Estate Tours

Virtual 3D tours have struck the real estate market quite recently. They have been used for about 3 years only and firstly were created only for luxury property…

Andrey Zlobin 27.03.2018

How To Estimate The Property Value Of Your Home

If you wish to sell a home quickly, it is of utmost importance to estimate it right. If you offer a competitive or average price, your chances to sell it fast grow…

Andrey Zlobin 26.03.2018

What Is Real-Time Rendering

Almost every person who has at least once used Photoshop has seen that created or changed images are rendered at the final stage. Rendering is a process when data…

Andrey Zlobin 26.03.2018

Things You Should Know About Virtual Staging

Virtual staging has become a reasonable solution for everyone who deals with the interior design, staging vacant homes or dealing with furniture and decor. Today…

Andrey Zlobin 26.03.2018

Features Of High-Quality Architecture Rendering

The rendering process is far from being instant. It takes time and designer attention to the smallest details. That is why it can last from several days to a couple…

Andrey Zlobin 26.03.2018
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