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Things that are not accepted in virtual staging

Virtual staging plays a very important role in the real estate business so it is not surprising that it has become a popular choice for startups. There are many…

Andrey Zlobin 23.08.2018

The idea of home staging

Real estate business can boast different techniques and approaches how to sell homes faster without making discounts. Some of them are really effective and one of…

Andrey Zlobin 17.07.2018

What is digital staging?

Staging has always been considered a great benefit for real estate offered for sale. Staged homes are sold faster because buyers see with their own eyes how one…

Andrey Zlobin 17.07.2018

Staging Furniture for sale

Every person who used to work in real estate business knows that empty property is more difficult to sell than staged one. Why does it happen? The answer is apparent.…

Andrey Zlobin 03.05.2018

How to stage Furniture?

Furniture layout plays a very significant role in the impression a room produces on guests. However, not every person can afford to hire a professional interior…

Andrey Zlobin 03.05.2018

Virtual Staging for real estate

Real estate business is constantly looking for ways to attract more buyers to the property for sale. One of such effective and comparatively fresh ideas is virtual…

Andrey Zlobin 03.05.2018

Virtual Furniture Placement

Virtual reality has become an indispensable helper in many industries. Two of them are real estate and interior design. It is not surprising today to see pictures…

Andrey Zlobin 03.05.2018

Virtual staging Software

Virtual staging is a completely computerized process done using the latest professional software. It goes without saying that the staging is performed by professional…

Andrey Zlobin 03.05.2018

Home staging pictures of different rooms

Home staging is the most reasonable way to show your home off and make it attractive to sellers. However, actual home staging can be a rather expensive solution…

Andrey Zlobin 03.05.2018

Virtual Staging Before and After

Have you ever thought why virtual staging has gained an incredible popularity? The answer to this question is very simple: it changes the property look not just…

Andrey Zlobin 27.04.2018
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