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Cost-effective staging solutions to sell home fast

Tips how to prepare your home for a fast sale

People without any experience in real estate business may wonder how previous owners of the home could leave such a pristine beauty after years they have lived there. How could pieces of furnishing not be scratched or spoilt at all? Where did they keep most of their belongings? These and many other questions may appear among people who are not familiar with such thing as home staging. Not every buyer realizes that the beautiful interior he sees inside the home for sale was created especially for him. It serves as an attraction for the potential buyers and may be not suitable for comfortable living at all.

At the same time, if you are going to offer any property for sale, this great approach can help find a buyer faster. Naturally, hiring a professional designer is an expensive solution, but sometimes it is not even a necessity. It is enough to learn several simple tips of how to prepare your home for sale with the minimum budget:

  1. Clean it up

Sometimes, it is enough to clean your home thoroughly to make it more appealing for buyers. What does ‘cleaning’ mean? Of course, it is not only sweeping and washing the floor and removing dust, but also perform several other actions. Your main goal is to improve the curb appeal since the first impression about a home plays a very important role. For this purpose, you need to clean the front door and the porch if there is any. Sometimes, it is necessary not only to wipe it but also sand and paint it again. Another stage of the cleaning process is keeping order in the yard and front garden. It requires mowing, removing debris, weeds, and adorning of with fresh pot plants.

When you finish your outdoor cleaning, it is time to enter your home. It is important to pay special attention to the carpets, remove mold from the grout and make tiles shine, as well as put effort to scrub windows too. If you leave old furnishing, it is important to improve its look by renovation and cleaning it. Another piece of advice is removing any evidence of the pet presence since it often discourages people who are not fond of pets.

2. Declutter

Presence of any personal or old things push back the potential buyers who can not treat this property as their own. Let’s analyze what decluttering is in details. First of all, it is hiding or taking away any personal things such as photographs, hand-made decor, perfumes, cosmetics etc. It is necessary to check every room of your home. When you enter a kitchen, there should not be any dishware and appliances. Any towels, shampoo, hair brushes, toothbrushes must be removed from the bathroom. If possible, remove most of your clothes from built-in storage spaces and wardrobes too. If you have any tools, empty flower pots or toys of your children, it is preferable to take them away too.

3. Rearrange

As soon as you remove unwanted items, it is time to create a new atmosphere of the home. Remember that every room must have its face and character to be easily identified with a certain type. Try to decorate every room of your house separately. Switch on the fireplace and set your dining table in the living room, add general decor such as flowers, pillows, candles, fresh towels in the bathroom and bedroom etc. Avoid overcrowded spaces with too many furniture pieces – it is better to prefer a minimum of furnishing and neutral colors. Any fresh flowers will look excellent outside.

4. Prepare for a Showtime

Showing property for sale can be compared with demonstrating your new dress at the ball. It is a very responsible day and everything must be perfect on it. For this purpose, you need to put a bit more effort directly on this day. Before the potential buyers turn up at your home, try to show off its best features. You need to make final cleaning solutions and hide any hints of having a pet. Light creates a special atmosphere, so do not forget to let it into your home opening curtains and switching on the light. Remember that a carefully made up bed and fluffy cushions look very appealing, while fresh flowers in a vase draw attention not only with their look but also fresh smell. Tasty tea and cookies will provide another bunch of positive emotions, so prepare them in advance.

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