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Cost of virtual staging services in 2018

Virtual staging has become an indispensable part of real estate business. Most of the luxury property as well as averagely priced homes that are vacant order virtual staging solutions to help buyers visualize the estate for sale. It gives a representation of the room size and how it can look if a professional designer works at it. In addition, a buyer receives a ready-made project that can be implemented in reality if he likes it without a necessity to hire interior designers again.

One of the main reasons why people doubt if they should order virtual staging services is the unawareness of their cost. It is a widely known fact that actual or real staging costs a bomb. You need to spend from several hundred to several thousand dollars to stage your home fully. There is no sense in doing that partially as the effect of an empty faceless space will undoubtedly push the buyers away. With virtual staging figures are much more promising and affordable. If to analyze the offer of the most reputable virtual staging companies working on the US market, you will see that numbers differ. You can order a staged photo for the price of the minimum $49 and it can rise up $200. Of course, this cost depends on several circumstances:

  • Company reputation that performs the order;
  • Realism and quality characteristics;
  • Number of revisions (they are often unlimited);
  • Turnaround time for every photo and the project as a whole;
  • Number of services offered (furniture staging, replacement, adding, decorating etc.)

It goes without saying that the more photos you order, the bigger discount you will get. Some companies even offer a regular monthly number of services for a rather competitive price for large firms and agencies. Rush orders and furniture replacement are more expensive than virtual staging services too.

Consequently, if you need to stage an apartment that includes such rooms as a living room, bedroom, kitchen and den the price for virtual staging services may vary between $250 and $1,000. However, it is important to remember that it is only 10% of the total cost of real staging, but the number of benefits you get is not much fewer.

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