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Fancy cars for real estate agents: Yes or No?

How a car can impact the success of the real estate deal

It is not surprising to see successful real estate agents who drive luxurious cars. Moreover, since their job involves moving around the neighborhood, city, or even a state, the car seems to be a necessity rather than a luxury. However, there is a question: should real estate agents drive expensive cars or C class is enough? One of the groups on Facebook raised this question because of the message of realtor Andrea Hatton. Her former customer sent her an email where he refused to use her services again because her ‘car was too dumpy’. You may wonder what car she was driving – Honda Accord 2007. The participants of the discussion on Facebook decided to come to the conclusion of whether flashy cars are suitable for real estate agents. A necessity to cover hundreds of miles on a daily basis without a car is a real challenge, so every realtor tries to buy a car as fast as possible. Moreover, the car possessed by real estate agents influences the way clients perceive them, so it is very important to choose the right model. This means that some real estate agents will have expensive cars shipping in, using a service similar to Cars Relo so their customers will be satisfied. There is a viewpoint that flashy cars contribute to the success of the deal. The others suppose that showing off prosperity may lead to alienation and even a desire to get a bigger discount. One of the group members who consider driving expensive cars a benefit explains that real estate business is oriented on image and not only regarding the property, so a good car can serve as an attraction. One broker in Atlanta suggested another opinion paying more attention to the quality of services provided rather than accessories used. He believes that clients enjoy cooperating with successful real estate agents but their commission should not be sky-high too. He also mentioned his friend working in Atlanta and driving luxurious Ferrari, whose commission is not high but the total amount of money he sold for was $143 million. There are agents who admit being explicitly evaluated on the basis of cars they drive. It is especially noticeable in such places as Miami or San Francisco where a vehicle says about your success in the industry. According to Hector Chinea, he knows buyers who refused from the services of some agents because of their scrubby look. However, there is another side of the medal too. There were cases discussed when driving a high-class car led people to wrong consequences. They think that such realtors have bigger commissions and try to get a discount from them. One lady even mentioned the fact that it is really painful each time to see a realtor who has sold your home for debts driving a Mercedes. According to Brendan Clemmens, the car driven by realtor may have two opposite impacts on clients. Ones may believe that real estate agents earn too much and ask for a reduction, while others can evaluate this fact as a feature of success in the industry and hire a realtor without any doubts. That is why many realtors have come to the conclusion that the best car is one to reflect success without smacking anyone over the head. One more reasonable solution was made on the point that the best car for a real estate agent will differ depending on the market he or she works on and what clients are to be attracted in this way. Realtors who sell luxurious property can afford to buy more expensive cars while dealing with urban areas and small property should be reflected in a middle-class segment of cars. It would not be strange to see Bentley in Los Angeles or San Diego, but if such a vehicle will be parked next to a wooden home somewhere in the middle of Nevada, it may lead to several questions. One more point discussed by realtors is the importance of buying cars made in America. There were cases when realtors had lost pricey listings because they were not driving domestic cars. However, there are people who believe that the car driven by realtor does not have any impact on clients at all. Some realtors admit not caring their clients’ attitude to the car they drive paying attention to their own comfort and choice. Some users even suggested cases when real estate agents on cheap cars have closed big deals without much effort and a car did not interfere with the deal at all. But the main conclusion to the discussion was made by Lori Winterhalter. She stated that it is not the car that matters, it is the attitude to the clients that plays the main role in the success of the deal.

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