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Furniture Rendering, how it works?

Furniture is an indispensable part of every interior. Without it, the room looks empty and faceless, so its choice is a very responsible task. Furniture manufacturers understand this fact too and do everything possible to offer the most accurate and perfectly measured furniture renderings to their customers. Unlike photos, they give an accurate understanding of the color, size, measurements and sometimes can be used in the interior design software to see how it fits the wholesome room design. For example, you may decide on a new rug for your living room but after considering the measurements and color of it, you decide that it’s best to go with another option. You can read up on the elements of a how to choose a contemporary rug for more information.

Furniture rendering is a complex process that gives much more benefits to both manufacturers and clients than customary photography. It is performed by professional designers using modern rendering software. The biggest advantage of rendering is an opportunity to create a new furniture model to realize if a target audience likes it and it is worth investing money and production. The furniture cant be as niche as you like. We can use furniture rendering for anything, from large childrens’ bunk beds to small Miami antique furniture. Let’s see how furniture rendering is performed and what it offers if combined with the latest technology.

Furniture rendering by spotlessagency

Stages of furniture rendering

It goes without saying that without a necessary experience it is impossible to create high-quality furniture renderings. You should be aware of not only the software used for these purposes but also with the furniture production and design industry too. Consequently, professional furniture renderings are created only by experts usually working for reputable companies and agencies. It means that the stages of furniture rendering may differ from one company to another, but in general, the structure of the workflow is the following:

  1. Quoting

    For a company to understand the amount of work to be done and determine the average cost of these services a customer must fill in the form and provide such information:

    – A basic plan;

    – Possible design sketches;

    – The direction of the marketing strategy (to understand where this model is going to be used);

    – Time frames.

  2. Details about a project

    If a customer agrees with the offer of the company, the next step is to provide the details about the project. These might be architectural plans, design colors and finishes, the choice of interior or landscape design from the pre-made examples or creation from scratch.

  3. 3D model building

    The process of 3D modeling is based on polygon faces. When the shell of the 3D model is ready, it is possible to create a special background for it.

  4. Creating a 3D scene

    When the shell is ready it must be provided with some unique features as color, texture, unique details, patterns, lighting, determination of the camera angles to view it etc. Then the rendering process takes place.

  5. Animation

    It is an optional stage that allows animating a rendered object.

  6. Final delivery

    A client receives a high-resolution rendered image or video for approval. The furniture rendering process requires time and designer effort. It can not be completed immediately as it is necessary to consider the tiniest details for a model to look realistic and quality.

Furniture models and technology

However, the range of services of modern rendering companies is much wider as in combination with modern technology a client can get much more than just a simple model rendering. Today it is possible to order virtual walkthroughs when you get a possibility to see how one or another furniture piece fits the interior. The designers and architects create a CAD environment and offer you to walk through it and evaluate if furniture was placed there appropriately and complements the entire look.

Virtual reality technology has made it possible to ‘try on’ new pieces of furniture in the interior or make your own changes to this piece. It is possible to try on new colors, finish, form and type of upholstery. These furniture designs can be made to look completely different with various types of upholstery. In order to purchase these various pieces of upholstery, furniture companies could consider looking at a product sourcing agent for the different fabrics to ensure the price is right for themselves and their customers. Technology has also made it possible to feel the space with pieces of furniture using the technology of Augmented Reality. The evaluation of pieces before the purchase decreases the chances of its return by dozens of times.

All these and many other add-ons are offered by modern companies together with furniture rendering services. That is why it is necessary to understand what exactly you want to get from furniture rendering and how it will be used to benefit your business.

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