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Top 5 Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

It happens that real estate may remain on the market for several years and there is hardly any client wishing at least to look at it let alone buy it. Why does it happen? Unfortunately, it may be the result of rough mistakes made by the seller. Today it is important to make up a strategy to sell a home for the reasonable money and within a short period of time. Some people ignore this not understanding that in 2017 it is not enough to make several amateur photos and set the price. That is why there is a list of sellers’ common mistakes to avoid and be more successful with selling homes. (Read: How To Sell Your Home Faster: Top 10 Tips (With Pictures)).

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Bedroom Virtually Staged by Spotless Agency

1. Too high price

One of the main things that terrify interested people even from looking through the listing photos is an unpredictably high price. It is a natural desire to get more for the product you sell but getting nothing is several times worse than getting less.

Overpricing results in the fact that the estate remains on the market for a longer period of time and that leads to a lower final price. Buyers never hurry to buy a thing if they see that it has been on sale for a long time and can stay there for some time more. Moreover, the ad can even not be seen by them as your home will be excluded from the buyer’s narrowed search results because of the high price.

That is why it is important to set the right price. To determine it one can look through the listings with similar estate and prices for them or ask for professional help. Being aware of the market and the neighborhood, the house benefits and drawbacks a real estate agent will tell the minimum and maximum you can ask for it. Want to sell your house as soon as possible? If you’re visiting our site from the UK and trying to sell your property, you may be interested in the services of They make it their mission to buy your home quickly and even offer a free valuation.

2. Saving money on photographs, staging, and repairs

Every real estate should be prepared for sale. It is natural that the first impression influences the decision to look at a home or not but also can be a decisive factor whether it is worth buying it. It does not mean that you have to invest a huge sum of money in it but minor repairs, as well as a professional promotion, are a necessity. If you’re looking to make some quick repairs on your home before putting it on the market, you may want to look at taking out a small payday loan which are known as short-term loans. You could get a long-term loan, although a short-term loan could be a better choice. (Read: How To Prepare Your House For Sale: 5 Home Staging Tips & Ideas).

The main thing for buyers is the impression they have when they see it for the first time. It concerns both photos and showings. That is why you should make only professional photos of the already upgraded or repaired home. These photos will be also useful for staging the home as the staged estate is sold three times faster and for asking money or even higher. It proves the fact that these are not the things to save on.

3. No professional help of a real estate agent

It seems that there is nothing difficult in making a couple of photos and adding them to the most popular listings. But it is only the top of the iceberg. Think only about incessant calls, showings, and regular promotion. Only a professional can emphasize the benefits and keep silent about the drawbacks of the estate.

Moreover, realtors always have contacts of professional photographers, stagers, and repairmen to make all the preparations. But the most important thing is a title insurance. It guarantees protection for homeowners against the property’s title defects that can become a reason of litigation or bureaucratic problems. Realtor’s help will prevent you from meeting many underwater stones while the commission can be discussed if you do not wish to lose money. (Read: Home Staging Statistics That May Surprise You)

Living room Virtually Staged by Spotless Agency

4. Too many personal things and clutter

Buying a home people wish to write their life story there on the pure sheet of paper. They are planning to create their own environment and atmosphere trying not to think that someone used to live there before. But when a seller leaves piles of rubbish and personal things, this goal is more difficult to achieve. None of the buyers wish to take someone’s clutter when they pay huge money for the property. Even its presence can discourage the potential buyer from making a purchase. So depersonalization and decluttering are two important tasks to complete before placing the home on sale.

5. Seller’s presence during showings

Many sellers make a great mistake being present on showings together with a real estate agent. If you decided to hire a realtor, what is the purpose to visit showings? Seller’s main objective is to get money for the goods he or she sells and it plays no role who will become a new owner of the property.

Seller’s presence has several more negative sides. First of all, it does not give the potential buyers freedom to feel at home as the real owner will follow them here and there. Another issue is the questions buyers may ask. When these questions are addressed to the realtor, he will provide necessary information. However, some of them may sound like an intrusion into the personal life of the current owners but their absence will make the communication more vivid and natural as well as allow people to learn everything they are interested in.

One more reason for the owners to leave showings is situations when buyers can not express their real feelings about the property worrying not to offend the owners. Such showings will only result in tension and absence of accurate decisions, and that is nothing good for a seller.

These mistakes of sellers will result in the fact that their property would spend much more time on the market and they would have to make significant discounts to speed up the sales. Of course, nobody will be satisfied with such results, so it is important to think about the selling process thoroughly and let the professional plan it. It will save your time, effort and money as well as make the process fun rather than a burden.

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