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Home Staging Statistics That May Surprise You

Home staging has already recommended itself as one of the highly effective marketing strategies. Despite the fact that it has gained popularity quite recently, today it is one of few ways to sell property faster and for bigger money. The key to success lies in the human psychology as people tend to pay attention to the wrap even more than the staff contained inside it. The best look of homes encourages buyers to finish the deal faster and pay less attention to any drawbacks existing.

Don’t you believe that? Look at the official statistics concerning home staging and be surprised.

Living room Virtually Staginged by Spotless Agency

1. It is customary to sell a staged home is sold for 6% higher price than it was asked. This is confirmed by the survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp.

2. Staged houses are sold more than thrice faster than non-staged ones. This data was provided by the Real Estate Staging Agency. (Read: What Is Virtual Staging & How Does It Work? Explained By Spotless Agency). They have included 174 homes that have been on sale for 156 days in average. Once all those homes were staged, they were sold off in average of 42 days. That means that these homes have spent 73% less time on the market than non-staged ones.

3. 81% of buyers admit that home staging eases the process of property visualizing.

4. 49% of realtors confirm that staging influences buyers.

5. 95% of staged houses were sold for the price announced.

Bedroom Virtually Staged by Spotless Agency

The reports of the National Association of realtors in 2017 were not less impressive. They have proven the benefits of staging and offered the following statistical data:

– 58% of real estate agents believe that the home value is increased by staging;

– 97% of agents who assisted buyers admit that staging influences their view of the property;

– 27% of buyers will overlook some problems the home has if it is staged;

– 40% of buyers desire to look at the home they have seen staged online. (Read: Virtual Staging As Marketing Technology: How To Use It Right).

Home staging statistics (Read: Virtual Staging Apartments: In-Depth Statistics & Performance) of both past years and the current one confirm that staging remains a powerful tool for Real Estate agents. It is not only inspiring for buyers but also profitable for sellers who invest only 1% of the total cost and get dozens back.

No wonder home staging services have become an integral part of marketing and realtor business and must be trusted only to professionals to get the most of them.

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