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How Much Should I Spend On Virtual Home Staging?

Due to the popularity of virtual staging services many companies wished to take their place in this direction, however, there are only several professional companies that major entirely on VR and guarantee high-quality solutions from experts.

Virtually staged bedroom by Spotless Agency

The cost of their services depends on several conditions:

  • Realism and quality of the delivered images;
  • Number of revisions included;
  • Turnaround time;
  • Additional services (e.g. furniture replacement);
  • Staff professionalism and qualifications etc.

In comparison with actual home staging services, the cost virtual staging is much lower. The price per one virtually staged photo varies between $40 and $195. Of course, everything depends on the company and conditions mentioned above.

Additional services will add to the total price too. If you wish to remove furniture, be ready to pay about $85, while a floor plan visualization will cost you over $250.

You should also think about a person who will make photos to stage virtually. Many companies agree to stage amateur photos if they are of high quality, but sometimes there is a necessity to hire a professional photographer that will cost you a pretty penny too.

Does VR worth its price?

It goes without saying that money you have spent on virtual home staging services will return to you thanks to a quicker and more costly sale.

There is a popular quote in the real estate business that the longer a home remains in the market, the more its owner loses on its price. Moreover, that a couple of hundred dollars you will spend on services of designers will not make significant changes in the price of your property if you add them to the total price, but the benefits they will bring about should not be underestimated.

Virtually staged bathroom by Spotless Agency

Be confident that a virtually staged home will attract more potential buyers, have more views and calls, let alone showings. That means that you will sell it faster and for the price you wanted without losing a single dollar.

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