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How to attract the first real estate clients

3 Simple ways to attract clients for new realtors

Real estate agent profession is incredibly popular with Americans since sometimes commissions can be very high and it reflects on earnings as well. That is why there are over 2 million realtors in the US only and many people want to try this profession and achieve success in it. However, when you enter the market, you may face a real challenge – how to find the first clients. Experienced realtors and brokers do have multiple tools and approaches but not all of them are suitable for newbies in this profession. Unfortunately, nobody knows the secret of starting a successful career in the real estate business. However, there is nothing unbelievable in the formula of success too. The generation of consistent business in real estate depends on how actively you ask for referrals and it is a key to success. Who to choose? It goes without saying that somebody from your relatives, friends or colleagues is planning a move or purchase of property in the closest future. Even if not, these people have friends and co-workers who are in search of a real estate agent. Surveys prove that 45% of millennials turn to their friends for recommendations and you may be one to be suggested. It is also worth noting that we live in the era of technology so people tend to read reviews and testimonials online, so always ask your satisfied clients to write at least a couple of words about your services. 3 ways to attract clients for newbie agents Every person who starts working in the sphere of services is looking forward to getting the first clients, however, it may take ages to find one if you do not put effort. If you are a new agent, there is hardly anyone to know about you, so there are little chances that the first client will turn up in your office himself. That is why it is necessary to consider the following three tips to get your first client faster. 1. Turn to your family members and friends. All of them know what a person you are and whether you deserve their trust. Undoubtedly, they will do their best to help you so that you could achieve success in this business. Inform them about your license and your desire to find clients – buyers, sellers, renters – to build a basement for your business. Tell them that you will put much effort to satisfy them and try to make only a good impression. Be sure, they will help you! 2. Continue asking! There are clients who are not satisfied with the agent they have hired and they look for the services of another person. If someone knows such people, ask for their contacts and suggest your services. If you manage to deserve their trust and leave them pleased with your work, your referral will be sent to a much bigger circle of people, who may once become your potential clients. What is required from you is being persistent and perform your responsibilities well. 3. Don’t hesitate to show your gratitude. The desire of your friends and family to help you is great and you should appreciate it. Even if they managed to assist you to the minimum degree, don’t doubt to thank them or send a card with the words of gratitude. They should know that efforts they put to the development of your real estate business are appreciated and it will encourage them to be more active in referrals too. Every business faces many challenges at the very beginning. Real estate agents are not an exception. It may be a real challenge to create a circle of clients because not everyone agrees to work with a new agent. However, it is important to remember that you are educated and licensed professional who can perform responsibilities well. Don’t give up if you face any obstacles on your way to success! Continue your way to success and you will see that everything is possible if you do wish that.

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