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How to get a quick makeover thanks to virtual designer

how to get a quick makeover


It often happens that people get bored with the interior design they have and try to change anything there. However, the pandemic or any other reason may make changes to your plans and the only way out is to look an alternative.

If previously you should have hired an interior designer, carpenter, plumber, painter to get a new look of your room, now it is impossible to avoid a direct contact with them. Moreover, now is not the best time to hire a makeover team too. So how can you make the first steps towards your home new look? Virtual reality allows not only getting consultations of experts at a safe distance but even see how your home will look like after the improvement

How does virtual design work?

The first thing every person should do is to find a designer with advanced knowledge or virtual staging software. It must be an experienced person because otherwise, you will get photos that do not look realistic enough. Currently, there are several digital staging companies in the US offering similar services.

The second step is to send this professional a video tour of your home or high-quality photos of every room made from different angles. It is also important to mention your preferences and goals to be achieved by this makeover. After that, you should have a conversation with a designer on the scope of work, time and budget limits.

The third stage is the creation of the interior using professional virtual staging software. Some designers offer clients to follow the process online and even make minor corrections if necessary.

You may wonder how much you should pay for such services. Naturally, it depends on the company you cooperate with. There are even examples that provide free digital staging solutions by marketing their furniture pieces and decor, but most often they charge around $100 - $300 per photo.

Most popular solutions ordered

Have you ever thought what interior feature is the least appealing to you? When it comes to people who turn to virtual designers for help, the most frequent requests look as follows:


1. Changing color and texture


change color


Are you tired to see the same color on your walls? Do you have difficulty with picking the right shade? A professional designer can offer you a color palette and apply the ones you like to understand how your room will look like after its application. If you like the final result, it is even possible to schedule a paint pick up in the store or order its delivery and paint your walls yourself.

2. Space organization

It often happens that different furniture pieces look great separately from each other but can be arranged to look wholesome in the interior. Some people have difficulties with organizing things inside large wardrobes or even rooms. Virtual designers can solve this problem too. They may suggest changing some pieces, painting, decorating them or share the latest organizer tricks to meet the expectations of a client.


3. Bathroom and kitchen renovation




Both these rooms are most visited in the house and wear off much faster, so their renovation seems a good idea. If you are not sure about the color and texture of tiles or cabinets, it is possible to ask a virtual designer for help. Usually, updates of these rooms cost a fortune and there is no desire to paint twice for that, so envisioning space will be a great and cost-effective solution. Moreover, you will get a ready-made designer project that is enough to fulfill.


As you can see, virtual design can help every person to complete a makeover or get one step closer to it. The pandemic has provided people with a lot of free time to think about possible home enhancements, and digital staging solutions can be helpful in this task too.

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