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How to make a virtual tour of real estate outstanding

How to enhance the efficiency and realism of virtual tours

Technological advance has influenced many industries and real estate business is not an exception. Virtual reality has changed much for realtors and buyers as today you can visit a home for sale and explore it in details never leaving the agency office or even home. The only things that are required are a VR headset and a 3D camera to shoot videos. In fact, it is natural that virtual tours must be filmed by professionals and meet several requirements. Many people can mix them with simple video tours, but there is a great difference between them. Let’s learn what makes a good virtual tour around the property for sale and how to make it the most effective using several hints from the professionals.

Requirements issued to quality virtual tours

It goes without saying that one virtual tour differs from another in different characteristics, and quality, in particular. That is why there are several basic requirements for virtual tours that speak about their better quality.

  1. Only actual footage of the home should be used. Digital recreation is not acceptable.
  2. A tour should provide an opportunity to explore every room anytime and use a backtrack is necessary.
  3. It must be easy to access through the Web.
  4. There should be high-quality technical aspects including loading speed, realistic lighting, brightness, high image resolution etc.
  5. Compatibility with mobile devices.
  6. Intuitive and easy control through a menu.
  7. It should work for complementing the wholesome look of the home.
  8. It must be similar to the experience of real-time showing.
  9. Possibility to switch between 2D and 3D tour.

How to enhance your virtual tour

It is not easy to create a quality product that can fully substitute a necessity to visit a property for sale. That is why every home tour maker should consider the following tips trying to improve his creation.

  1. Stage empty homes to provide an understanding of space

Every person wants to realize how he or she will live in the home for sale, but empty walls do not provide such an opportunity. However, it is also important not to overload this space with excessive pieces. Use several familiar objects to accentuate home features and show how vacant space can look staged.

2. Create a bright consistent lighting around a home

You surely know how photos of poorly lit rooms look like. Avoid this mistake creating a tour as well! Good lighting can not only add warmth and space to the room but also fill it with positive mood. Plan the positions of lighting crew in advance to shoot a quality realistic video.

3. Let a viewer guide the tour

If you switch on the video that moves around a house, it can not be called a virtual tour. The latter one should give a viewer a full control making it possible to zoom in details, switch between rooms, adjust a viewing angle etc. The longer a person looks at home, the more interest he has in this property – there are more positive memories about this home built.

4. Prefer viewpoints located from the natural person’s perspective

When you enter a home, you percept visual information at a certain height and distance. Your virtual tour should provide the same feeling.

5. Shoot not only the home but also its connections to other spaces

If you create a 360-degree view of the room, try to show not only the room you are working at but also the way how it flows into another one or views outside the window too. It is also important to offer both home interior and the view of a home outside to create a nice curb appeal.

6. Check your footage on site

Always watch what you have shot on site to prevent possible errors. A strong wind or running dog may spoil your footage and it can be noticed only when you analyze it. Do that on site to be able to correct the mistakes.

7. Optimize the file for mobile compatibility and good functioning on other devices

Modern people get disappointed very quickly when they see low-quality technology. That is why it is important to optimize your tour for most of the popular mobile platforms as well as reduce loading time, latency, and crashing but leave a high resolution and quality.

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