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How To Prepare Your House For Sale: 5 Home Staging Tips & Ideas

Many people experience the problem of selling property and desire to get the most of its cost. They need to you things like Sell House Fast: The Ultimate Guide To Selling Property Quickly to have a successful sale. That is why good preparation for house sale is a necessity. Never believe that a fully furnished or completely empty house is everything you need to sell it. Such science as marketing offers many effective ways and interesting hints how to stage a house for sale and get a good deal.

1. Do your best to make your home non-personalized

It is natural for people to get used to some things and homes are not an exception. And when it becomes a product to sell, it is quite difficult to let it go. At the same time, if you have made a decision to sell the property it must be prepared for staging (Read: Top 10 Home Staging Mistakes Made By Realtors). The first and one of the most important things is to depersonalize the house. Great volumes of junk, old unnecessary and sometimes broken furniture, clothes you never wear – all these things seem to be useful in future, but in reality, they are just rubbish. Take only really memorable and value able things with and the rest will go to the dustbin.

Another thing that must be done before staging is a removal of personal things. The house must be almost or absolutely empty to be staged. Take all the photos, personal things, kitchenware as staging looks better on photos of empty rooms.
Minor repairs can be one more way to change the home look. Admit that your favorite wallpapers or doors can be liked not by everyone, so it is advisable to fix minor bugs and change very personal things.

A staged home must look general to be appreciated by a bigger number of interested people but still show its exclusive potential.

Depersonalized Virtual Staged Bedroom by Spotless Agency

2. Avoid mismatches in furniture and colors

A bad interior design is worse than no design at all. Unfortunately, it is the truth. Not all the people can visualize space (only 10% can do that), let alone perform more actions. If the property owner leaves some furniture that does not match the color of the walls or can not be combined well, that means that people, who will look at the house, will need to remove it in their mind and imagine another design without it – that is almost impossible to do.

Moreover, any poor combinations will make the house not attractive from the very beginning. They will interfere with the stager work making it useless, as it is very difficult to create the design on the basis of one or a couple of faceless objects.
That is why color, texture, and furniture should intertwine with each other creating a wholesome picture – only such stager efforts can bring about desirable results. (Read: Virtual Staging As Marketing Technology: How To Use It Right)

Perfect Virtual Staging of Bedroom by Spotless Agency

3. Add shining and light

It is a proved fact that well-lit apartments and houses sell better. Every person appreciates sizable and light rooms so this peculiarity worth paying attention. The task of the stager is to present property from the most beneficial side and lighting plays a significant role in this. Even if a room is dark, the designer should organize lights in such a way that they could guarantee a warm and pleasant atmosphere. In order to allow the maxmium amount of natural light into the home it would be wise to give NICK’S Window Cleaning a call as they will be able to give your windows a thorough clean.

Kitchen, for example, requires special consideration as not properly organized light will spoil people’s cooking experience. Chandeliers and bulbs should be chosen very carefully as they may change the room visually.

One more way to make the house shine is the choice of decorations and accessories. Silver dishes, crystal decorations, glass objects will make the light play and add glamour and friendliness to the property.

Living room (before)

Living room (after)

4. Consider outdoor space to appeal

It is natural that thinking of estate we mean rooms, but in reality, the term is much wider. It includes everything from the area the house is built on to the spacious terrace that can be used for a variety of purposes. This should be considered by the staging professionals who design the estate interior. The potential of these places should not only be shown but even emphasized as they can provide a certain mood as well as serve as additional storage or place for relaxation.

For example, sometimes, it is enough to show the potential buyers that you can get a personal swimming pool on this piece of land and it will be the final decisive factor for a buyer.

Terrace (before)

Terrace (after)

5. Flowers and green to make the house vivacious

Green color, as well as pot greenery, have always added homes life and freshness. Nobody likes to move around empty walls and dull atmosphere. That is the reason to add a bit of nature to your house. You can opt for pot plants before making photos for staging. It is very pleasant for the potential buyers to come into the house and admire their look. Moreover, they can be key elements of the whole interior design to stage.

Bedroom Virtual Staging

Living Room Virtual Staging

Another option is adding greenery directly on the photos. The interior acquires a completely different look if it is adorned with flowers or plants.

Apart from the home itself, the yard, garden, and flowerbeds play a very important role in the home perception. What can be better than a lovely and bright area to please your eye? Consequently, stagers should pay much attention to the design of the area around the house as sometimes it is more important than the house itself.


Staging is a very important marketing tool so it should be implemented professionally. An experienced stager knows not only basics of interior design and computer software, but also effective advertising rules. The most interesting ones that are useful for staging have been mentioned in this article and we hope that their consideration will make your real estate sales much faster and effective.

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