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How to sell property fast and without discounts with Virtual staging

Virtual staging is a not a new notion in the IT industry. It was possible to distribute furniture and decorative items in the digital photos and pictures more than 10 years ago. But today this service has taken a decent place in the real estate industry, and it seems it would never leave it.

A popular saying ‘Time is money!’ works in every industry nowadays. Real estate market is not an exception. The quicker you will be able to sell your home, the higher chances you get not to mark any big discounts and win more for it. Homes that stay in the listings for half a year and longer have to lose up to 20% of their initial cost to be purchased. It means that a seller loses a huge sum of money to at least sell the property. Life situations are different and people might need to buy a new place of living, spend this money for treatment or invest in a business. That is why they have to lose so much, but in fact, this loss can be prevented if to prepare your property for the listings in advance.

property before property after

Experienced realtors know that there are several steps to be made before you add the property to the listings. If this home is sold furnished, it is very important to hire a photographer and take beautiful professional photos that will attract hundreds of viewers.

However, there are homes that are furnished partially or sold empty and it is impossible to make their photos appealing to others. Furniture and decor give a presentation of the room size and potential, while the photos of bare walls seem dull, faceless and decrease the real size of the room visually. It means that adding photos of an empty home you minimize the chances of your home to appeal to others yourself. As a result, it looks non-competitive next to other ads and remains in the listings for long months. But there is also a big chance to attract viewers’ attention to an empty property and make it much more appealing from the very beginning. In this situation, you need to try virtual staging – adding both furniture and decorative items to the photos of a vacant home. This approach will not only make the rooms cozy and welcoming but also give a presentation of their size thanks to the furniture arrangement. As a result, you get perfectly designed rooms with a modern depersonalized interior that will appeal to a majority of the potential buyers. As a result, your chances to sell a home faster fly sky-high and you will not have to make discounts – be sure to have a tough competition for your home.

Sometimes virtually staged photos are made so professionally, that people fall in love with the property and even ready to pay more to get it.

property before property after

At the same time, virtual staging is a cost-effective solution for vacant homes in comparison to home staging. An average cost of a photo to be staged is about $100, so it is much cheaper than to spend thousands of dollars for actual staging and designer services.

Virtual staging is finding for those who want to sell a vacant home fast and for reasonable money. Even if to compare the cost of virtual staging with the possible discount you will have to make after your home stays for several months in the listings, the difference is huge.

Selling the property fast and getting all the money for it right now is worth a couple of hundred dollars you pay for virtual staging, so it undoubtedly saves both money and time of sellers.

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