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How To Sell Your Home Faster: Top 10 Tips (With Pictures)

It goes without saying that a person who decided to sell a home wishes to make up the deal faster and have no compromise with prices. However, not all people are lucky enough to get what they want quickly. That is why it is necessary to put some effort and follow some tips that may speed up the selling process. Let’s see how one can make his home sell faster.

1. Hire a real estate agent to sell your home

The choice of the Real Estate agent (Read: What Is Virtual Staging & How Does It Work? Explained By Spotless Agency) is very important as only a professional can do that fast and for the asking price. Never hire a person only because it is your distant relative or you have a common hobby. You want to make sure you have the right people for the job, as this is not something to take lightly. By looking into companies like convey online, you’ll be on the right path to finding the people who can handle this process best. The professionalism should be confirmed by positive reviews of the customers and your own analysis. Ask several questions like: What are the benefits of your home? Why might potential buyers like or dislike it? Does the agent track the record of sales? A person with experience will immediately find answers to the tricky questions and that is very important. The potential buyers may also ask several biting questions and the task of the real estate agent is to give satisfactory answers.

Virtually Staged Bed Room by Spotless Agency

2. Opt for professional photographing and staging services

To sell the house faster it should have eye-catching photos in the listings (Read: 10 Simple Staging Tips That Make A Home Irresistible).

  • First, there should be enough of them.
  • Secondly, they must be appealing and high-quality to be appreciated by others.
  • The third reason to invite a professional photographer is a necessity to make professional photos for staging services.

It is a proven fact that staged homes that show the potential of the property are sold quicker and for a higher price. That is why premium home staging services should be ordered before you add the home to the listings and only at the professional company.

3. Promote your real estate too

Of course, it is the job of a real estate agent to promote your home. It is obvious that he or she will advertise it on the most popular real estate websites of the region. But who knows where you will find your buyer? Don’t neglect your neighborhood, friends, and relatives. Some people desire to find a home not far from the relatives and your offer may be rather timely. You can also use social media to promote your home as posts and likes may do even a bigger favor than printed ads.

Virtual Decoration by Spotless Agency

4. Upgrade the most eye-catching issues

It goes without saying that there are always some issues that require upgrading. Every home has something that may spoil the first impression about it. That is why such minor problems should be solved. The accent can be made on kitchen and bathroom that influence the final choice greatly. It is also important to take care of the exterior. The first impression about the house is made at first sight at it, so upgraded exterior is not less significant.

5. Add light and airy effect

To avoid a damp and depressing feeling add home as much light and air as possible. It can be both natural light and artificial one. Realtors always advise preparing for showings by opening the curtains and blinds. The choice of color is another way to make dark rooms lighter and airier. Light, as well as warm colors of paint, provide that effect. (Read: Home Staging Statistics That May Surprise You).
Small rooms and hallways may look bigger and lighter if you add mirrors on the walls. Clean windows will let even more sunlight to the rooms, while preference for soft light will make the rooms warmer.

Virtually Staged Living Room by Spotless Agency

6. Declutter and depersonalize the home

Every home looks foreign if you leave personal things in it. Family photos, clothes, cosmetics, different belongings should not be present in the house on sale as these things make an effect of privacy. That means that a potential buyer will perceive it like someone else’s, while you should leave space for people to feel that it might be their home. They must visualize where they will put their own things to make a final decision to purchase it.
Decluttering is one more issue. It is always not pleasant to look at the abundance of trash that is kept but will never come in handy. Get rid of such things and your home will shine like a new coin for buyers.

7. Set the right price

It is natural that you always wish to get more money for the estate you sell, but in reality, everything has its market price. It means that there are many other similar homes that cost less and the probability to sell your home for a higher price is incredibly low. (Read: 10 Simple Staging Tips That Make A Home Irresistible).

To learn how much money you can ask for your estate it is better to turn to the professional real estate agents. They can compare it with other offers on the market and tell the maximum you can count on. You can also put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and estimate how much you could be ready to pay for it. Make sure you show of some of the key features of your home like if you had a home music system for example.

Virtually Staged Dining Room by Spotless Agency

8. Improve the curb appeal

Never underestimate the importance of the first impression. It is the image that gets stuck in the buyer’s mind the most accurately. That is why the house should fit into the neighborhood surrounding it and look appealing when you open the gates. Not only the house itself but also yard and the area around the house too.

9. Make the home look clean and ready to move in

Of course, you may think that a new host will tidy up the house better. But to sell it faster and for the bigger price, it is better to clean it before showing too. If you’re looking for a Chicago based cleaning company, check out ServiceMaster of Lake Shore. Dust and dirt have never made a positive impression. Moreover, they can be taken for the opportunity to hide some drawbacks. That is why it is important to create a welcoming atmosphere and clean the home. Even such a trifle as cleanliness may influence the final decision of the buyers.

Virtually Staged Furniture And Accessories by Spotless Agency

10. Sweeten the deal

The purchase of property is a very serious step and usually, people can make it only once or twice in their lives. This procedure is always preceded by long-term savings, so sometimes people refuse to buy a home only because they lack a couple of thousand dollars.

By sweating the deal we do not mean lowering the price. You should not do that, but a seller may help buyers to make the deal in several other ways. For example, it may be a small credit towards the closing cost, a transferable home warranty that will cover appliances or closing on the home within several days.


There are many ways to make your real estate more appealing to the potential buyers and sell it faster. Many of them even do not require financial investments as everything is in the hands of the homeowner. The fact is that putting a little of effort you may decrease the time of the home to be spent on the market.

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