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Money Making Product For Real Estate Photographers

Photography is crucial in the modern real estate business. There is hardly any listing that will gather so many views as ones with many high-quality photos. The first thing the potential buyers see when they look through the listings is what is sold, its size, price and look. That is why it is so important to pay much attention to the photos of the real estate on sale and order professional help. (Read: Top 10 Home Staging Mistakes Made By Realtors).

Real Estate Photographer Job

Real Estate photography is the process of creating photos of the property for real estate listings. It is a very creative and responsible task as the biggest number of people make up a decision to order showings on the basis of the photos they have looked through, so they must be both professional, high-quality and realistic. Moreover, these must be photos of both exterior and interior of the property as well as its surrounding area for the potential buyers to get the most from these images. (Read: Virtual Staging As Marketing Technology: How To Use It Right).

For this job, a Mareeba photographer should have a camera with excellent resolution, DSLR, a wide-angle lens and a tripod. These tools will help to get photos while their look depends on the professionalism of a photographer and his vision of the space.

Real Estate photos are required for different purposes:

– Promotional photos for a new homebuilder;

Living room Virtual Staging of by Spotless Agency

– Showcasing the style of the current building company;

– Residential and commercial listings of realtors;

– Showcasing the works of the interior designer;

Living room (before)

Living room (before)

Living room (after)

Living room (after)

– Marketing images of home vendors.

Photographers can offer a variety of packages to their clients including virtual tours, panorama, property individual domains, slideshows, different marketing pieces like DVDs and flyers etc.

How To Earn Money In The Real Estate Photography

Real Estate photography is a very popular sphere that attracts both professionals and amateurs. It is a well-paid job with a flexible schedule that does not require severe physical activity. At the same time, there is a harsh competition in this field so only trained, experienced and creative photographers can count on the regular orders. How can you achieve that? Aside from training, it helps to have a website or an Instagram that you post pictures on regularly. If you find that you are struggling to gain traction online straight away, you can use socialfollow to increase your followers. The internet is a great way to showcase your work to potential real estate clients. Let’s find out the ways how to deserve trust and get good money in this sphere. (Read: Top 5 Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid In 2017).

1. Development of the unique style

It is important to stand out among other competitors to get a niche in this business. That is why it is necessary to experiment and continue learning. Only a professional with the talent of vision will be lucky to attract the attention of others.

Living room Virtual Staging of by Spotless Agency

2. Branch out to get inspiration

Being a real estate photographer never restrict yourself to this niche. Look for inspiration everywhere and that will help you to train your eye and get some perspective. (Read: 10 Simple Staging Tips That Make A Home Irresistible).

Perfect Virtual Staging of Bedroom by Spotless Agency

3. No need to buy very expensive equipment

A quality camera with a lens and tripod as well as some free imaging software is enough for doing the job well.

4. Setting the price

A professional should be paid for his work, so it is necessary to set your price for the services and it should not be lower than ones of your competitors. If you add 5% to the price, it will generate the buzz and create an impression that your work is also better.

5. Promote your talent

Good marketing policy is important for being provided with work. You must always be a step forward from your competitors and interact with clients. Positive reviews, as well as brilliant examples, can contribute to your client list.

Virtual Staging of Living room by Spotless Agency

Tips For The Professional Real Estate Photographers

Today it is not easy to impress anyone with simple photos, that is why modern real estate photographers look for new ways how to do that.

Let’s see what pieces of advice are given by experts in real estate photography:

– Offer a virtual 3D tour of the property;

– Use a wide angle camera lens that will allow emphasizing space and creating a sense of depth;

– Consider natural light and keeping space before composing the photos;

– Prefer the landscape orientation that guarantees a better viewing;

– Make an emphasis on the best feature of each room;

– Prepare all the rooms for photographing;

– Add some bright color to every photo etc.

Pricing The Real Estate Photographs

Of course, the price of the photographer services depends on the property he is taking photos of. There are three main pricing types including:

Living room (before)

Living room (before)

Living room (before)

Living room (after)

Living room (after)

Living room (after)

– Flat fee.
It includes typical photos of the exterior. If a photographer is also asked to make the photos of the interior, the money will be charged on the per room basis;

– A fee combined with the commission on sale.
This approach is usually met among acknowledged professionals;

– A variable fee that depends on the rate based on the property.


Mark money as a real estate photographer is not an easy job. It requires not only qualification and skills but also talent. Photos can be made by everyone, but only a talented person can create small masterpieces from them. One more important fact to consider is keeping up with modern trends and technology as today it is not enough just press the button on the camera. Only by doing so this job will be rewarding and inspiring

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