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Perspectives Of 3D Real Estate Tours

Virtual 3D tours have struck the real estate market quite recently. They have been used for about 3 years only and firstly were created only for luxury property to impress the potential and wealthy buyers. I can imagine Eddie Yan homes for sale will probably take advantage of this fantastic technology at some point. It is not a secret that rich people can afford going to different corners of the world to see the property they wish to buy, but the appearance of 3D virtual tours has simplified this procedure as you can see a home on sale without leaving your home, real estate agency office or country. Moreover, the first 3D tours required new technological devices and software and were rather expensive so ordinary sellers could not afford it. However, when real estate agents have appreciated the benefits 3D tours bring, a demand for this service was growing and more and more companies began to offer similar services. That allowed to make the price lower and spread the service to the property with the average cost. It would be interesting to see a real estate tour for different places. If you are interested in finding out more, you might want to check out somewhere like for more information.

Nowadays, there are many arguments on the point if 3D tours can be called the future of the real estate market as there are supporting evidence of both its pros and cons, but it seems that realtors are not ready to refuse from showing homes on distance due to a number of unsurpassed benefits tours provide.

Reasons to consider 3D virtual tours the future of real estate business

The goal of every business is to improve customer experience to get the most of the profit. Real Estate business is not an exception. Every realtor wishes to sell a home as fast and expensively as possible so he or she will undertake any marketing approach to achieve this goal.

3D tours provide realtors with such an opportunity as well as prevent sellers from having many other troubled. There are several reasons to opt for 3D virtual tours:

  • They save a lot of time of sellers, real estate agents and buyers;
  • Sellers avoid regular newcomers who find a lot of so-called bugs to lower the initial price;
  • Property owners do not need to prepare apartments for every new buyer who desires to have a look at it;
  • A 3D tour around the property can be viewed anywhere and from every device;
  • It can substitute a customary property display fully;
  • Tours are a powerful marketing strategy that increases the number of potential buyers so a home is sold faster and for the price set originally;
  • They can drive traffic to the original website by social media sharing and adding to the listings;
  • A 3D tour is a perfect substitution to the going out-of-date photography.

3D real estate tours can be compared with television that has significantly decreased the number of radio listeners as well as mobile phones that have almost substituted cable ones. It is future of the real estate industry that is only gaining pace and soon will flourish in most of the modern countries.

How can 3D tours change in future?

Of course, it may seem that nothing can substitute 3D virtual tours as what can be added to the feeling of the complete immersion into space? However, there is still some space to develop for these tours as well.

When we watch TV, a culinary show, for example, there is always a desire to touch the dish, feel its mouth-watering smell. Unfortunately, a video does not offer that experience and the same situation is with 3D tours. A viewer can not touch the wall to feel the pattern of the wallpapers, understand if there is any smell of old furniture or animals etc.

However, a video shot somewhere like this One Pearl Bank Location can give the viewer a better idea of the neighbourhood vibe, any colour schemes and lighting, things that cannot be ascertained from still photography alone.

According to the photographers, 3D cameras can wrap objects as well as ordinary cameras and there are limitations with natural and additional light as you can not use the last ones in dark interiors. That means that dark rooms remain gloomy and in addition, there can be some changes in the video due to differences in temperature in different rooms. Such it may seem non-significant drawbacks of 3D tours might need some improvement and it is likely that these changes will soon happen.

One more improvement that will concern 3D virtual tours in future is an opportunity to change some interior items at the moment of watching the tour. Today, you will not impress anyone with staged photos, but soon people might get an opportunity to try one or another piece of furniture in the home the tour around of which they take.

Job perspectives provided by 3D real estate tours

Modern companies do not wish to lose a new direction of getting profit and create new departments that deal with 3D tours not only in real estate but also in hotel and restaurant, tourism business and many other ones. Consequently, many people get jobs and provide customers with an absolutely new experience.


Naturally, these are not all the updates that might take place in future. Technology does not stand in one place and something that seems impossible today will more likely happen in a couple of months or years. The only conclusion that can be made today is that the probability that 3D virtual tours will replace customary for real estate photographs is very high so this innovation should not be underestimated by those real estate agencies that have not tried it yet. It is time to start, undoubtedly!

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