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The Effect Of Virtual Staging On Real Estate Prices

It is not surprising that real estate is chosen depending not only on the look and state of the home but also its price. The latter is incredibly important for property sellers as they are usually not ready to make any discounts and get as much as possible within a short period of time, especially if you are looking into a company similar to Piermont Grand. The longer real estate remains in the market, the bigger discount a seller should make to get rid of it. That is why it is of utmost importance for property owners to opt for virtual staging services as they can both sell a home faster and never compromise on the price.

Virtual staging benefits

There is hardly any better real estate marketing strategy today than virtual staging. Especially if you’re new to the market, if so, check out the Roofstock Review sites for more info on the market, investments and changes. Both realtors and homeowners who sell property wish to do that quickly and virtual staging can be incredibly useful in this.

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There are many types of research and surveys that confirm the fact that staged homes remain in the market twice or even thrice lesstime than empty homes. This statistics is supported by real estate agents who advise their customers to spend several hundred dollars for staging and get a full refund as well as sell property quicker. Why does it happen? Let’s look at virtual staging benefits and the answer will be clear:

  • Only 10% of people can visualize property, so virtual staging can help clients to understand how this home will look like if they buy it;
  • Virtual staging is very cost-effective in comparison with physical staging and usually, all the spendings return back together with the actual price of the property;
  • You can change the look of your home depending on the season or preferences, as the photo can be modified anytime;
  • Virtual home staging takes from a couple of hours to several days, so you should not wait for a long period of time;
  • Staged images will make your property stand out in the listings;
  • It can transform a home under construction into a luxurious mansion with warm atmosphere – virtual staging power seems endless.

These are only some of the benefits mentioned by real estate agents about virtual staging. In general, it is quite difficult to estimate all the advantages of this method as much depends on the property, professionalism of the real estate agent or quality of the services provided – the only right answer that is obvious is the fact that virtual staging has a positive impact on selling the property, undoubtedly.

Example of virtually staged room by Spotless Agency

How does virtual staging influence real estate price?

One more unmatched benefit of virtual staging is always mentioned by realtors. What is it? Naturally, it is a possibility of virtual staging to increase the real estate price. Unfortunately, there are no studies that prove its unmatched positive influence on the real estate price but many realtors confirm this fact from their personal practice.

Two popular virtual staging studies were conducted in 2012 and 2015. The first study was organized by a real estate professor who said that the evaluations of homeowners did not have many differences on the basis of staging conditions. The second study was more extensive. Three professors of real estate and finance Michael Seiler, Mark Lane and Vicky Seiler offered buyers several alternatives including:

  • Unfurnished vacant home;
  • Home with awful furniture pieces;
  • Home with beautiful furnishing.

According to the results, all the homes were estimated at almost the same price independently of the furniture placed there. Of course, nice pieces of furniture made a home more livable and could speed up the selling process, but they have not influenced the final price at all.

Despite the results of both research types many real estate agents still admit that staging has some beneficial impact on the property price. It is explained by the emotions that overwhelm the potential buyers when they see listings. If a staged property has been appreciated by a person, he will pay up the initial price for it not to be sold to anyone else.

Example of virtually staged apartments by Spotless Agency

Of course, in this case, the probability of getting such profit is quite little, but a seller can try to set a bit higher price in comparison with the average one from the very beginning and it will become clear if anyone is interested in it within a couple of weeks already. That is the main reason why there are no official results of surveys and types of research about the influence of staging on real estate price, but practical experience of many real estate experts should not be neglected as well.

Virtual staging offers a variety of benefits and increased property price is among them too. There were hundreds of situations when staging added value to homes on sale, so it will not be right not to take into account this great benefit. Sellers should be aware of this fact and take advantage of the services they have offered.

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