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The top real estate broker joined Guinness Book records men

92 Homes a week: a record of the top US broker

Are you a real estate agent or know someone in this profession? It is not a secret that some agents compete in the number of homes sold per week, month or year. Each of them has his or her own maximum and put much effort to beat this record. In fact, it is a kind of stimulus to work harder and increase your earnings. You will agree that selling one home a day is a great achievement, but what is a record? Look: Ben Caballero sells 92 homes a week having beaten his own Guinness Book Record of 2016. What is his key to success? Read out the article and learn the secret. Ben Caballero is the top real estate broker in the US who sold 4,799 homes in 2017. If to divide this sum into the number of weeks, it is about 92 homes a week on average. The total cost of this real estate exceeds $1.9 billion, so Real Trends awarded him with a title of the top US broker. What is interesting, Ben Caballero has beaten his own record of 2016 which was added to the Guinness Book of records. One year earlier, he managed to sell 3,556 homes within a year and take the prize. People may think that Ben is lucky to work in such busy areas as California or Washington, but he lives and works in Texas. What is the key to his success? According to Caballero, he managed to set these records because of the narrow specialization he deals with. There are many specialties in real estate business. Some agents sell luxury property, others prefer to deal with commercial or industrial property, the third group suggests leasing homes for sale. The specialization of Ben’s company is a newly-constructed residential property in Texas. He cooperates only with companies who build homes in big volumes – over 3,000 homes a year. Many of these homes are sold at the level of their construction, the rest is sold by Ben’s company. He has launched a website HomesUSA especially for such large companies which help to keep track of all these homes. One more great achievement made is having streamlined the process of listing creation – it takes about 13 minutes to make up every listing. Moreover, this platform follows the progress of construction with images added by the employees and indicates when the building is already completed. According to Caballero, it would take hours and tons of paper to do the same without this platform. That is why many building companies choose his platform for selling homes.

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