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7 Things to remember for a young home stager

Today any person with an interior design talent can find a good job in the real estate market. Many people who are going to sell their property for more money take advantage of home staging – the process of making a home more appealing to the potential buyers using some hints and techniques. However, modern staging is divided into two types: actual and virtual one. The first one is dedicated to the use of real furniture pieces and decor in the creation of a home interior design. Virtual staging is used to make listings of the empty property more appealing and sell the home faster rather than for a bigger price. In both cases, a young professional who wants to take up this sphere as his career must consider several pieces of advice mentioned below to achieve success.

  1. It is not enough to be passionate
    Creativity and passion are good features for developing business but it is not enough to possess them to make it sustainable. Of course, these features will help you to look outstanding and offer something new to your clients at the very beginning, but with time you will need to look for other benefits you can give to the clients. A successful business should have an accurate direction and several ways to achieve the purpose. Business is a constant work that might gradually kill your passion for interior design, but a necessity to complete orders will remain. The only consequence you can make out of this passage is the fact that it is easy to start a staging business, but many startups cease their work very quickly.
  2. This business is not taught and does not encourage friendship
    Competitiveness is a feature of every business so you will hardly find experts who will share their secrets on how to make staging business successful. The biggest part of staging courses gives only basics of design and focuses on logistics, marketing and skills required. The main reason for that is a possibility to provide virtual staging services from any corner of the world. So don’t wait that you will get help in this field – it may be only answers to a couple of questions in the stager online community.
  3. Start is always challenging
    Business set up has always been a challenge in any sphere as at the beginning, you need to invest and advertise your company to attract at least some clients. You need to wait for some time and put much effort for your staging business to bring about profit. Be ready to work for long hours and spend more time on developing your business rather than home staging process itself. Most of the clients wish to get excellent photos right now to market them tomorrow already and nobody cares how you feel or how much work you have.
  4. There is always work to do even without current orders
    Performing orders will take only the third part of your working schedule as most of your time will be spent on planning, attracting new professionals, promoting, controlling etc. If you plan to complete all the orders yourself, this business will be hardly successful. Every company should grow and develop so never stand in one place and hire people to perform the routine responsibilities like staging.
  5. Prepare yourself for criticism
    Unfortunately, only a small percentage of clients is satisfied with the image or design received. Many of them are very emotional as they are going to sell their property for big money and still doubt if they manage to do that or because of many other reasons as well. Consequently, when you take the order from a client, specify his wishes up to the smallest details to prevent yourself from further revisions and severe criticism.
  6. Sign up a well-written contract to secure yourself
    Of course, it is reasonable to prepare a contract for big orders and list all the details mentioned in the previous paragraph there. It will help you to secure yourself from sly customers who want to get everything and spend nothing.
  7. Remember both legal and financial responsibilities connected with this business
    Every business should be set up legally correctly to prevent its owner from very unpleasant surprises. Of course, you should remember about taxes and liability insurance as well as remember your responsibility for hiring people.

Despite the fact that the road in the staging business s far from being smooth, we can find many examples where with a hard-working and dedicated stager managed to organize a successful and profitable company and transform his creativity in the way of earning his living.

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