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Things You Should Know About Virtual Staging

Virtual staging has become a reasonable solution for everyone who deals with the interior design, staging vacant homes or dealing with furniture and decor. Today there is no need to hire a photographer and take photos of an empty home, buy expensive furniture advised by a designer in his services, add unappealing listings etc. All these and many other problems can be solved using virtual staging services. It is rather cost-effective and offers flexibility as an image can be changed multiple times if you need. It is possible to combine different types of furniture, try several interiors in one room or help the potential buyers see the potential of the empty property. However, there are three more things you should know about virtual staging.

1. Not every virtual stager is really a virtual stager

virtual stager is a person who is not only a graphic designer but also an interior designer with home staging or real estate experience. However, it is not easy to find such a qualified person, so many companies try to teach their employees to perform responsibilities of different specialists. That means that IT experts become newly-made interior designers and people of artistic professions learn to use professional software and different online tools. That is the reason to find professional companies where all experts create a powerful team to complete excellent virtual staging solutions rather than entrust this task to non-qualified freelancers.

2. High-quality photos play an important role

Though it may seem that a photo that requires rendering plays no role, it is a huge mistake. Only imagine that a photo has no composition and shows a room angle where you can see no floor but a bigger part of the ceiling. What kind of image will it be even if it is rendered by a professional? Inconsistency with sizes, the absence of ratio, the wrong angle will spoil any image and virtual staging will not able to save it. It is also impossible to add furniture to too zoomed photos or show the floor plan, so quality is of utmost importance.

What makes a photo quality one? There several features:

  • Focus on space and composition. It is necessary to give the idea of a floor plan instead of taking photos of a kitchen door or entrance, so a photo should show space;
  • The absence of unpredictable mistakes like taking a photo of yourself reflected in the mirror or your shadow. When doors are shut, people get no idea what is hidden behind them, while closed curtains or blinds decrease the amount of natural light;
  • Use of special equipment and techniques. A good camera with the wide angle lens and flash equipment are important for getting pictures of excellent quality;
  • Attention to details like sun angle or useless objects.

Of course, it is possible to stage any photo, but are you sure the result you expect will meet your requirements?

3. Virtual Staging is not meant for deceiving people

It is not surprising that many people wish to order virtual staging services to make a home look better than it really is. Staging can undoubtedly hide some drawbacks or even replace them but what will you say to a potential buyer when he does not see these changes during showings?

The main goal of virtual staging is to show the potential of empty properties without changing anything in their look and state.

There is always a desire to take advantage of staging and say that the house is furnished and looks exactly as it is displayed in the image. It is usually made to convince a customer to make a purchase quicker, but this deceit can have poor consequences. A realtor can be accused of lying and get negative reviews from the clients. That is why it is important to indicate that an image is virtually staged and its goal is to represent how it can improve in the hands of caring owners.

Virtual staging is an excellent alternative to home staging as it is not only cheaper and faster but also very flexible. If a buyer does not like one or another furniture piece bought especially for staging, your money was wasted. Virtual staging will never play such a trick with the customer as you can change it multiple times until you achieve a perfect look of the property and suggest this design to the future owners.

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