Top 10 industries changed by 3D modeling drastically

Can innovative technology change the modern world? Have a look at how 3D modeling has transformed lots of industries and you’ll ensure that.

What industries have been transformed by 3D modeling the most?

People can see how the world changes on a daily basis, and lots of these transformations take place because of a technological breakthrough. One of the latest innovations introduced is 3D modeling, and its appearance has reflected on a variety of spheres. In fact, you can see a wide implementation of this solution, but there are industries that have been influenced the most by it.

Do you want to find out which ones?

Learn what 3D modeling is and what fields have experienced the biggest impact of this technology from this article.


Defining 3D modeling

defining 3d modeling

A process that allows creating a digital representation of the object in 3-dimensional space with the help of special software is called 3D modeling. The result of this process is a 3D model that can be used in a variety of fields. People who work with 3D modeling can opt for several types of this solution too


3d Movie

When you watch a film with amazing special effects, have you ever thought about how they are created?

In fact, this is 3D modeling technology that lies in its basis. Whether this is a surrounding or an object that serves as a focal point, all this can be created with the help of this approach. When the model is developed, it can be animated and look incredibly realistic in movement.

Automobile manufacturing

Automobile manufacturing

Do you follow the news about the release of new car models?

The automotive industry makes use of 3D modeling not only when it comes to the production of vehicles but also their parts. It makes the process more accurate and simplifies the assembly of the car since mistakes are eliminated too. 



Have you ever purchased things online looking at a beautiful object model?

The majority of modern companies create virtual catalogs using CAD software and even make them animated. This approach is also used when a customer wants to fit the furniture model in the room or try on some clothes online. If you have a VR headset, you can even touch this model. 

3D modeling can be also used to boost online sales. One of the companies provided customers with an opportunity to make 3D models of dinosaurs alive using AR and take real photographs with them. A desire to have such an image has led to the increase in product sales by 6 times.



It is difficult to imagine the process of home design without 3D modeling nowadays. Buildings that are only planned to be constructed are firstly depicted on a simple 2D drawing and secondly, they are represented in the form of a detailed 3D model that can be viewed from different angles. This technology even makes it possible to take a virtual tour to see the interior design inside.

Game development

Game Development

The modern gaming industry benefits from 3D modeling technology fully. Every video game looks twice more exciting and appealing with lots of 3D elements. It also creates a realistic environment for players who take all 3D objects for granted and enjoy them like in everyday life. In fact, each video game is a collection of numerous 3D models that make the virtual world in the game more true to life.



Almost every product manufactured nowadays has been initially provided with a 3D model. It is a popular way to enhance its design, get accurate measurements for production, and even print some parts on a 3D printer to complete the construction if some pieces are missing.


Though paper books are often exchanged for smartphones and tablets nowadays, publishers still want to make them more appealing to readers and provide them with realistic and high-quality imagery developed with the help of CAD tools. It allows to visualize some unique things and prevent them from being spoilt.



It seems a common truth that photographers have been always hired by advertisers to provide the last ones with high-quality imagery. However, this costly and time-consuming process has been substituted by 3D modeling as well. Marketers get not only more flexible pictures but even can do that prior to the production that allows starting the marketing campaign earlier and make it more efficient. 



Have you thought about how scientists make experiments with volcano eruptions and other natural processes that cannot be controlled? Undoubtedly, they use 3D modeling for earth movement simulation and other effects to provide the experiment with necessary conditions and get accurate results.



How many people get disabled or lose some body parts and organs?

3D modeling has become a great assistant in prosthetics creation since it allows developing unique items for every separate case. Nowadays, people do not need to visit a dentist to get a perfectly fitting crown since the last one can be created with the help of CAD software on the basis of an X-ray.

What does 3D modeling hold in the future?

As you can the, there is a great number of 3D modeling use cases and they bring about many benefits to lots of industries. Probably, the number of spheres that would take advantage of this solution will only increase, so a bigger number of professionals in this direction will be in great demand.

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