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Virtual Staging Apartments: In-Depth Statistics & Performance

Virtual staging services became a powerful real estate tool in 2009 and since that time its popularity is rapidly growing. In our previous articles (check What is virtual home staging?) we discussed its benefits and the way it influences the sales, but today we`d like to develop this topic providing statistical evidence for its efficiency.

What are the core reasons to use staging in virtual reality? What rooms due to the buyers’ opinions are the most important to be staged? Is there any difference in dollar value suggested for staged and empty homes? On this page, these and more questions are answered by a plain and convincing language of numbers. Stay with us to learn about 3D virtual staging truths and myths revealed by more than 2000 real estate sellers from community.

Effect on buyers impression

Naturally, the first general question that appears in mind is how many home-hunters are ready to change their opinion and to buy listed apartments after they have been virtually staged? 49% of sellers state that this service makes sense for the majority of clients (nearly 70%), while 47% say that only 40% of customers are likely to open their wallets after they are shown their professionally staged dream-homes.

And only 4% of realtors claim that staging your house for sale in 3D does not increase the sales and has no impact on buyers.

How does virtual staging influence buyer`s psychology?

What particular reasons make home-seekers buy properties faster or what is virtual staging operating mechanism?

  • More than 80% of buyers appreciate virtual staging as a tool that helps to visualize the properties available for sale as their future home;
  • More than 45% of buyers are more likely to see apartments they have been already presented online;
  • More than 40% of buyers express more interest in homes staged due their preferences in design and decorations;
  • More than 25% of buyers consider home staged photos as a tool to overlook any possible property defects;
  • However, realtors also share the opinion that in case when homes are staged against clients tastes virtual staging can even cause opposite of the desired effect.

Choosing the right rooms for staging

Well, this point is quite simple. Placing your orders for virtually staged properties, real estate agents should be aware of the fact that some masterly staged rooms can have a major impact on buyers than others. Here is Top-5 rooms you can’t ignore while applying to any of the best virtual staging companies:

  1. The living room is considered to be the most important room to be staged as it plays a significant role in homeowners lives. It is the place where family members gather each day and where they host and entertain their guests. It also includes lots of decor elements that form an impression about property owners, one way or another living room displays their character.
  2. Kitchen. Some people believe that kitchen is the heart of every home. In this room, we take care of our nearest and dearest cooking meals that fill our bodies and then minds. Potential buyers often want it to be convenient, functional and well-designed and are interested in optimal solutions in its furnishing and decor. In these regards, virtual staging for realtors can be really helpful.
  3. Master bedroom. Certainly, pictures of this room should be associated with comfort, relax and ease, so your buyer will be so much happy to see the big comfortable bed on it as well as reasonable furniture placement and sweet decorations. No doubts, that such kind of photo is likely to appeal the client rather than an image of empty rooms and bare walls.
  4. Children’s bedroom. Any comments are pointless here, every family if they have kids want to make sure their rooms will be comfortable, safe and beautiful at the same time – particularly this result can be easily achieved with virtual staging.
  5. The bathroom is a room where even square footage cannot limit original decor choices, so provide a couple of reference images and every professional virtual stager will create fantastic space that will obviously gladden your client.

Virtual staging of rooms made by us

Virtual staging in business – realtors are speaking

Probably, one of the most interesting questions about virtual staging is if this service is on-demand and how many real estate agents use it.

  • 35% of sellers working in influential real estate companies used to stage all homes they sell;
  • 40% of realtors apply to virtual staging companies in order to fix some property faults;
  • 15% of agents place orders for 3D home staging only for properties that are difficult to sell;
  • 5% of realtors see reasonable to use this service only for high priced homes;
  • And for about 5% of real estate dealers do not stage home at all.

As one can judge, virtual staging has approved its performance for over 35% of sellers who consider it as helpful sales tool worth of spending some budget on it

Paying for virtual staging

And the last point we`d like to discuss is how virtual staging is paid for. It may seem very simple but let`s see what statistics say about it:

  • Over 60% of real estate agents first offer wide variety of benefits of virtual staging to their clients;
  • About 40% of sellers pay for staging before listing home;
  • 10% pays when the properties are sold;
  • Nearly 5% of real estate firms pay for staging.

The presented article clearly demonstrates the statistics about virtual staging and provides an opportunity to make a personal conclusion about its effectiveness and customers engagement. Up to 40% of real estate agents approved its performance that gives a full right to call it a full-fledged marketing tool aimed to increase sales rates.

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