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Virtual Staging As Marketing Technology: How To Use It Right

It is obvious that virtual reality is mainly associated with the game industry where it gains pace incessantly. But don’t doubt that the modern use of virtual reality can contribute not only to gamification. One of the industries that might benefit greatly due to virtual reality is property marketing. Vendors can be presented homes or apartments in their best light thanks to it. Designers can create winning combinations that might make the whole design appealing and interesting.

What is virtual staging exactly? It is an alternative to a customary and expensive home staging. Based on the photographs of the empty rooms a designer can provide them with a completely new and more organized look. It allows customers seeing what they can do with their potential home for it to be stylish and comfortable.

The objective of the virtual staging is to help clients visualize the picture that is still a blank canvas. It is not only the main goal but also one of the main benefits of Virtual staging. The other pros of this process are the following:

  • Allowing your listing to look better than it is;
  • Saving money on unnecessary refurbishing and furniture;
  • It focuses on the home potential and its strengths;
  • It is simple to use as you need only one photo.

At the same time, virtual staging is considered to be a kind of presenting things better than they really are. Some people call it cheating as well as mention rather biting prices for these services, but its unrivaled benefits for marketers can be hardly spoilt by these senseless statements.

Virtual staging in marketing

Virtual staging is a powerful marketing tool as well as a cost-effective way of adding furniture to the room. It is used to attract the potential buyers to the vacant homes. It is natural that the marketers should not make any changes to the original photos or it will be cheating. At the same time, realtors consider virtual staging a true property representation. It can make real estate both attractive and easy to recognize.

Recently, the accent was made on 2D virtual staging software that allowed adding furniture and looking at customary for our images. The technological boost has changed that and today it is popular to opt for 3D tools that allow realizing environment fully. Sellers offer their clients a VR headset wearing which they can move around the estate and see how you can spare furnishing beneficially. 3D photographs that are further staged are made with the help of a 3D scanner.

Another great thing guaranteed by VR to marketers is an opportunity to conduct remote tours as well as adjust any details during the tour. It eases the job of real estate agents as well as helps them to identify clients with serious intentions. For example, if a person is trying to fit his furniture into the room, that means that his intention to buy the estate is serious.

The cost of VR differs from the list of services offered. It may vary between $300 and $700 as you might need to scan the room with the help of VR camera, set up the program etc. Bigger commercial companies may charge much more for the same package of services.

How to get the most of the virtual staging

Virtual staging may attract more leads and transform them into regular customers. How can it achieve that? There are several ways to get the most of the virtual staging in real estate marketing.

  1. Use a virtual home staging tool on your website

The first and most popular place where you can meet your leads is a website. That is why making your website outstanding is your utmost goal. One of the ways to do that is to offer your guests a virtual restyling tool. It will make your visitors stay on the website for a longer period of time as well as make use of this 3D tool.

Remember that sellers desire to find an agent that is capable of making their estate look better for buyers. If an agent offers virtual staging services, it proves his or her desire to sell the estate as profitably as possible. That is why agents should provide testimonials and examples of their staging services on the website for a client to look through and get interested in the agent’s services.

Before and after our virtual staging

The situation with buyers is simpler: they wish to understand what they are going to buy and virtual staging is perfect for that. However, inform buyers about your efforts to impress them for them not to get disappointed.

2. Provide your virtual staging creations on popular online marketplaces

It is very important in the real estate marketing to provide photos for the potential buyers. As soon as they fall in love with this property, they will have no chance to refuse from the bargain. At the same time, leads can gain a more realistic sense of space and the way to use it profoundly.

3. Use social media

The incredible popularity of social media makes it apparent that it must be used for achieving marketing goals. There are several ways how to use virtual staging experience on social media pages:

  • Post visual materials to promote posts and comments;
  • Create videos out of your creations;
  • Post images on your open-house event pages for your guest interest to spark;
  • Use an advertising tool to target your leads with promotional information: these might be single image ads, carousel ads etc.;
  • Provide users with home design inspiration.

4. Add your virtual staging solutions to the real estate emails

One of the most effective ways to engage the lead to interact with you is emails. There are two ways to implement it:

  • Following up with passive buyer leads;
  • Sending emails containing post-home tours to users that have already visited some estate.

5. Make your house tours more vivid

Showing people empty estate seems not that persuasive unless you accompany it with virtually staged images or videos. It will focus the buyer’s attention on the house potential instead of the possible drawbacks.

Virtual staging if used right is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool. It helps agents to sell real estate quicker and show the potential of every home. Moreover, virtual staging develops together with the technology so its efficacy grows too.

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