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Virtual staging Software

Virtual staging is a completely computerized process done using the latest professional software. It goes without saying that the staging is performed by professional designers and architects who make all the measurements and the interior plan to make every photo completed and appealing. A designer starts using virtual staging software only when the interior is considered to the smallest details. He looks for suitable pieces, adjusts their size, places them in the image, works with light and shades etc. It is a painstaking and thorough process that requires time and dedication. Moreover, virtual stagers usually use not a single program to achieve a desirable effect. There are multiple software programs but there are no universal examples among them. It leads to the regular tests of new software and getting new knowledge about the existing one to constantly improve the quality of services provided. Only such a detailed analysis of all the existing VS programs allows achieving a quality and realistic image.


Many advanced computer users think that VS can be completed at home if you download a necessary software. Undoubtedly, there are multiple tools online that allow making changes to the interior even by amateurs. Everyone can try it but unfortunately, there are always some restrictions present too. Quality VS software will never be free or cheap. That means that you need to pay a bomb to buy a decent software example to take advantage of. In addition, be sure that libraries with objects will cost you extra or you will be limited by a couple of furniture pieces of each type.

Of course, there are many demo versions of good VS software. At the same time, each of them will give you a restricted access to the program: inability to download the result, limited number of items, necessity to buy a full version are only some of the challenges you may face to save the result of your effort. As a result, it turns out only a waste of time and money.

Another thing to consider before you are going to pay money for a professional VS software is the result you will get. Usually, such photos look bulky and artificial. They remind  a shot from the video games rather than a professionally designed interior.

That is a reason to turn to the professionals if you want to get a realistic and appealing photo without wasting your valuable time.

The most popular VS software

It is natural that virtual staging experts use several examples of software to complete each project. People got used that all the changes to photos are usually made in Photoshop. An extended version of the last is also used by qualified virtual stagers. However, there are also many other programs used for making photos staged. The most popular of them are 3D Max, Rooomy, Visual Stager, Cedar Architect etc. All of them allow staging a photo virtually as well as try many other things like furniture rendering or floor plan making. You can also deal with eD objects and try what it takes for a designer to create a decent virtually staged photo.

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