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10 Simple Staging Tips That Make A Home Irresistible

Staging is a perfect way to attract more interested people to the listing and convince that the home is worth its money. This technique is used by many real estate agents who have already appreciated the benefits of staging. (Read: What Is Virtual Staging & How Does It Work?)

Staged homes are sold faster and for bigger money so there should not be any doubts in preparing homes for sale in such a way. One more unrivaled benefit of staging is an ability to add any home irresistible look. Consider 10 staging tips mentioned in the article and your home might shine with a new awesome look.

1. Make the house look appealing

The first impression about a home is the most memorable. Many buyers understand whether they wish to buy a home at first glance at it, so preparation is obligatory.

Bedroom Virtual Staging by Spotless Agency

The home on sale should attract envious sights with its look. You can make a minor refurbishment and bring the area around the house in order. If you have a loan, mow it; if there are trees on the territory, cut them and take leaves away. Decorate the yard with flowers and garden furniture for it to be cozy and bright. (Read: Virtual Staging As Marketing Technology: How To Use It Right). Paint those parts of the house that have already gone old, use a heavy steam cleanser for any solid flooring and sweep the walkways to make the territory look tidy and neat.

2. Opt for professional help

The repairing works look better and last longer if they are performed by professionals. That is the reason to hire repairmen, landscape designers or a professional photographer to make your listings attractive. You may spend hundreds of dollars on a high-quality paint, expensive flowers or good camera but none of your results will appeal to you and potential buyers. It is always better to entrust professionals with any job to get a desirable effect. (Read: 3D Virtual Staging Software Review)

Living room (before)

Living room (after)

3. Let light be everywhere

Any home looks irresistible if there is enough light in any of the rooms. Do your best to make every room of the house light. Open the curtains, hang sizable chandeliers with several bulbs or add more light using other sources and devices. The rooms will have a warm and pleasant atmosphere that encourages to stay in them for a longer period of time.

One more great hint is to show home to the potential buyers or make listing photos in the sunshine as it makes it look more inviting, while gloomy weather makes the house look dull and dark.

4. Remove personal things

When a buyer enters home he must have the freedom to imagine how to distribute his belongings in it. That means that rooms must look like hotel rooms with the minimum of personal things or completely without them.

Any personal things like photos, gifts or collections create an impression of a stranger’s house. When you declutter or remove these belongings it also gives a better sense of space for every visitor. He or she can visualize the room better and adjust it to the personal expectations.

Win-win 3d Virtual Bedroom Design Solution by Spotless Agency

5. Tidy up the kitchen and bathroom for them to shine

A kitchen is a private space for every hostess. We treat it very personally as spend there a huge amount of time and keep dishware there.

The same situation is with the bathroom. It is not pleasant for everyone to imagine another person using your bathroom. This impression is important for potential buyers too. They should feel that this space was not used by anyone else. If these rooms are clean and have no personal belongings, they make an impression of new ones and give way to imagination.

Kitchen (after)

Bathroom (after)

6. Upgrade the interior

Get rid of the old and outdated appliances and fixtures. (Read: Top 10 Home Staging Mistakes Made By RealtorsTop 10 Home Staging Mistakes Made By Realtors). They spoil the general look of the room and it is important to replace them.

You can also make simple refurbishments without spending too much money. For example, wooden panels can be brightened by the mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Stick to one color in the wall paint and window treatment. Avoid multi-purpose rooms as they produce a double effect on the buyers. If there are enough rooms, you can stage them for an office or a room for yoga. If there are any drab or stained carpets, be sure to get new carpet installation texas to brighten the room up.

Living room by Spotless Agency

7. Pay attention to showing off the storage

Every person will find a great number of things that must be kept anywhere. That is why it is of utmost importance to bring the storage to a perfect state.

Comfortable Space for Living by Spotless Agency

While you can hire secure storage units to make more room in your house, many women will be mesmerized by a sizable and comfortable storage room and all other rooms will not play any role. You can also provide storage in such places as balcony or garage, for example, to show their powerful potential.

8. Furniture placement

It is a proven fact that well-staged property costs more so if you wish to increase the cost of your real estate it is better to order designer services. It is not enough to set some furniture in the random order. It should enhance the interior and add value to a home.

Furniture should be placed according to the focal point of the room.

It should not be an obstacle to such often visited rooms as a closet or bathroom and it is better not to set furniture next to the bedroom window as buyers like to look out of them to see what is there.

There are several more hints to consider: a bedroom furniture should be minimal to encompass a large bed while a living room should have an area for communication.

9. Green card or caring about environment

There is a tendency in the modern world to save on resources and take care of nature. That is why many homeowners install different devices and systems that are savvy and decrease expenses. Update your home with a solar battery or garbage disposal unit and it might become a decisive factor to purchase it.

Living room virtual staging by Spotless Agency

10. Draw attention with decor and flowers

Every home looks empty and lacking life without plants and accessories. To add your home a unique look these it may seem trifles appear to be a necessity. A home with numerous interesting things to match the interior looks inviting and has a pleasant atmosphere. Vases with real flowers add freshness and colors. Plants on the window sills provide home with a hint of nature and vivacity.

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