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What is 3d visualization?

Today it is not surprising to hear the term ‘visualization’ but from recent times it began to be used in combination with 3-dimensional technology that helps create a vision of the deep space.

This process has become an indispensable part of the IT industry and many other spheres where it has found its implementation. But to understand why it has become so popular, it is necessary to learn the notion of 3D visualization.

3d visualization by spotlessagency

How to define 3D visualization

The term ‘3D visualization’ is defined as a process of creating graphical content using the modern 3D software. If to explain this term with simple words, it is a way of reproducing an object or number of objects with the help of a computer by creating a 360° view. It means that you can look at the visualized 3D object from different angles and sides and analyze it to the smallest details as it is an accurate perfectly-designed model.

3D visualization is a term that has many synonyms in the world of IT industry. Today it is also known as 3D rendering, 3D graphics or computer-generated imagery. The main purpose of all these processes is to create a high-quality digital graphics content and this technology is mainstreaming in this field nowadays.

3D visualization is a unique process that allows an artist to visualize objects or processes that might not exist in the real world but do live in the person’s imagination.

Who performs 3D visualization?

People who create models with the help of the latest 3D software are called 3D artists. These are people with both artistic talent and a deep knowledge of modern technology. Of course, they can be assisted by renderers, designers, developers and other IT specialists but without a creative vision of the world, none of these professionals will be able to cope with 3D visualization. Similar to photographers, 3D artists should not only represent a beautiful vision of the future product but also create this well-versed high-quality model using professional software.

Their main task is to transform the already designed by engineers CAD file or create a new 3D model from the scratch and achieve its excellent look by setting up virtual cameras, adjusting light and creating a necessary environment.

Who takes advantage of 3D visualization?

The most productive industry where 3D visualization plays a significant role is marketing and advertising. The biggest part of images and models we see online, on tv, billboards and in the magazines are products of 3D rendering. It is a quick and cost-effective way that has substitute the work of professional photographers. Today there is no need to look for a perfect background or catch the only possible shot – everything can be achieved thanks to the professional rendering software. It guarantees a full control over all aspects of imagery and allows creating such things that can be never produced by a photographer. The main benefit of 3D visualization is a possibility to create realistic images and models of the things that have not still been produced and are only a part of artistic imagination.

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