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What Is Virtual Staging & How Does It Work? Explained By Spotless Agency

Staging in virtual reality is a service that we provide to our customers who are mainly real estate agents. This technology is used to improve buyers` impression of the property available for sale and rent that subsequently leads to significant sales growth. As a rule, agents take photos of empty homes and place them on specialized websites where they can find potential customers. But as practice shows, bare walls and spaces without furniture attract too few buyers and in this connection virtually staged rooms are appeared to be just the right thing at the right time.

Photo of empty room before virtual staging

Photo of empty room before virtual staging

The same room after adding 3d furniture and decor

The same room after adding 3d furniture and decor

Speaking about an average buyer, it is a kind of problem for people to imagine what furniture and interior design are suitable for this or that empty room. For this reason, there are some companies working in actual or physical staging, when estate agents hire professional designer who choose and provide the furniture and interior elements for real home offered for sale. But when the property is sold, they take back all the furnishing and you finally get the same empty home as it was in the beginning, so as a matter of fact, the aim of both virtual and physical staging is similar – to promote rapid sales. However, there is one important difference between these 2 services and it is their price – while you pay nearly $5000 – $7000 for physical staging, virtual furniture staging is much cheaper, prices for 3d home staging in different companies vary in range of $60 – $200 per 1 staged photo.

So, when the customer sees beautiful picture, stylish interior in the house he can potentially buy he wants to live there, at that exact moment he imagines himself and his family happily living in this modern neat home. And here’s how it works – just like sales marketing often deals with buyer’s psychology, virtual staging technology also does.

To clear up all the details about how virtual staging is performed, Andrew Zlobin, Spotless Agency CEO kindly agreed to list the process stages have to be completed from A to Z. First, he says that they always demand from clients 3 essential things:

  • Photos of real apartments. On this stage estate agents hire professional photographers who take high-quality pictures of the rooms reaching desired angles and pass them to us.

Original pictures of apartments taken by professional photographer

Reference images tell us about our clients tastes

  • The second thing is reference images. We should to be aware of clients tastes and preferences in design, in this case selection of appropriate home staging furniture in 3d helps to achieve the results they will be satisfied with. This step is set to save the time of both parts and to minimize rework. But it is necessary to mention that our company does make changes and reworks until the customer is satisfied and makes them for free without asking for any additional payments.

Scaling plans and layout

  • And the last thing we need is apartments layout to build correct scaling and make interior look as much realistic as possible.

However, these are only technical basics necessary to start the work while the core requirement for achieving brilliant results is high level of education and professionalism of our designers – virtual stagers that we surely guarantee. All our specialists have a degree in Architecture and have advanced knowledge of 3D Max, Photoshop as well as they use external visualisation plugins and other 3d virtual staging software programs and tools.

Since acceptance of the order we do our best to make it completed during 24 hours. At worst, waiting period can last up to 48 hours but we understand demands of our clients, the market is very dynamic and that is why quick turnaround is a point of primary importance for us.

To get the final idea about what does virtually staged mean and what details can be important while placing the first order, we providetop 5 questions our clients often ask.


1) Many customers ask if there are any technical requirements for vacant photos? Are their size and extension important?

All pictures should be taken by professional photographer in a high resolution. An Olga Topchii Photographer or perhaps a photographer closer to home would be able to assist you if you don’t have the nessecary equipment. All professional photographers will have the latest equipment, ensuring that your photos show off all the best assets of your home. In this case, we can guarantee the highest quality of the final product. Photos with low resolution or those shot on the phone just work worse. We can accept them, of course, but the result won’t be perfect. So in general, the better the photos – the better the quality of final pictures.

2) How to place the first order?

You can place the order using email contact form provided on official website. Just send a message to get assistance from our customers support team.

3) Can I express any suggestions in respect to staged photos?

You surely can! We understand, that due to your experience, you know the buyers preferences and if you have any certain decor elements or furnishing in your catalogues we will be glad to work with them. Besides, as it was mentioned in the article, we always ask to provide reference pictures or comments to your orders to achieve the best results.

4) Do you work with photos of partly-furnished rooms or if they are without any decor elements?

Yes, we work with this kind of photos … .we can add or remove some elements on photos, it all depends on the client`s needs … and we are happy to help them in this

We also can replace existed furniture and put new 3d interior items into the room.

Photo of partly-furnished room before virtual staging

Photo of empty room with real fireplace before virtual staging

So, virtual property staging helps to see how the room will look like with different furnishing.

The same room after adding 3d furniture and decor

The same room after adding 3d furniture and decor

5) Is virtual staging expensive service?

Today the price for virtual staging services starts from $60 per 1 image in different companies (this price is for empty room photos where you need to place furniture and decor). If you need to remove some furniture, replace the wall color, floor finishes, etc. be ready to pay a higher price because such work requires additional corrections and designer will recreate all the room in 3d, not just put some extra items in it. The usual turnaround time for interior renderings in our agency is 1-2 days for 3-5 images.(Read: What You Should Know About Virtual Staging)

To get acquainted with current prices for our services, send us an email and we will consult you on your specific case with a great pleasure.

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