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What staging to choose: virtual vs real

The main goal of every seller is to make his product appealing to a buyer and get more money for it. If to take clothes, they are washed and ironed. When you sell a device, you remove all the drawbacks. The same happens with one of the most costly goods for sale – property. People try to renovate it, remove personal things and use many other approaches to achieve this goal. One of the most popular ways to make a deal fast is staging. However, with the technological boost, today it is possible to opt for two types of staging: real and virtual one. If you still wonder which of them is suitable personally for you, continue reading and you will get an answer to the question.

Virtual staging
Real staging

The difference between real and virtual staging

Though it may seem that real and virtual staging is the same process done in the different environment, in fact, they have various methods of implementation, goals and bring about different consequences.

Virtual staging is a process when a designer adds furniture and decor to the photo of the empty property using professional computer software. It creates an impression that a room has a designer interior, looks more attractive and gives the understanding how spacious it is and what fits it.

Actual or home staging is the same process of creating a beautiful interior by a hired designer to show how comfortable and good this place can be. A designer can use the existing furniture pieces and add some decor and accessories or create something absolutely new with purchased pieces.

Virtual staging
Real staging

Can virtual staging substitute a real one?

Virtual staging is not a new concept in the real estate market. However, its great efficiency has been appreciated only several years ago. Nowadays many realtors agree that virtual staging is a necessity in the real estate market because only 10% of all people can see the potential of the empty property without visualization techniques. All the rest need help in this tough task and virtual staging can be a way out in this situation.

At the same time, there is a thought that virtual staging serves as an attraction to the potential buyers who have to get disappointed when they turn up at the showings of a vacant home. As a result, people refuse to buy a property that does not correspond to the listings, even if they were warned about that.

One more controversy connected with virtual staging lies in the question: can it substitute real staging fully? Today it is used as an alternative to home staging. Its main purpose is to make listings more appealing to the viewers and show how this empty space can be used with benefit.

It goes without saying that actual staging takes place when one of the goals is to make beautiful listing photos. However, it is not the main purpose of this process. People order real staging services to increase the cost of the property for sale. Unfortunately, virtual staging can not cope with this task. At the same time, it is important to remember that virtual staging costs almost ten times cheaper than an actual one. Here you can ask a question: is it reasonable to invest several thousand dollars in home staging and how much can it increase the cost of the property?

If a homeowner does not have this money or realizes that real staging will not help him to sell the property for a bigger price, but he understands that it must be sold faster, the only right solution in this situation is to order quality virtual staging services. You get two benefits immediately:

  • Make your property listings more appealing and viewed, so increase the chances of selling it quicker;
  • Provide a buyer with a perfect interior project that can be fulfilled if he likes it.

Many people who buy empty property plan to adjust it to their personal preferences and might never use the decor and furnishing for which a seller has paid money, so there is no point in wasting this sum. That is why every property owner should come to the conclusion what results he is waiting for from staging and only then choose one or another type.

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