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Virtual Staging

Demonstrate the property everyone desires and do it with virtual home staging services we proudly offer in Spotless Agency! Virtually staged homes looks better than empty lifeless apartments and if your work is selling properties you can benefit a lot from staging.


Spotless Agency is a leading virtual staging company that helps to open and show the home potential. Prove everyone that your home is like a canvas that can become a masterpiece in the hands of a talented artist.

Digital home staging is a very popular direction in interior design and real estate business as it allows people to see how a house, flat or office will look like if you adorn it with furniture, accessories and decor. Virtual staging is capable of providing the room not only with furniture but also mood and exclusive atmosphere. It means that talented specialists working for Spotless Agency will make everyone love the virtually staged property at first sight at it.

Virtual home staging is a highly popular marketing tool in real estate business. According to the statistical data from NAR, 94% of realtors confirm the unmatched benefit brought by virtual staging: it can not only increase the interest of people to the certain property but also decrease the amount of time it spends in the market almost by 50%. It is especially important for luxury properties that are sold faster and even for bigger money thanks to professional virtual staging services.

How Virtual Staging works in Spotless agency

virtual staging photo

Take the photo

Send photographs of the rooms of the biggest size you have in JPEG format. To get the result of the highest quality we advise realtors to use services of the professional photographers.


Choose the interior design style

Pick 2 or 3 interior photos (you can use google search, pinterest or other sources) that you like, and send them to us. It will help our artists to understand the design style you want to get, when your virtually staged photo is finished.

virtual staging photo
virtual home staging

Provide a floor plan

Floor plans allow us to understand the right scale of your property and get better results. However, if you don’t have a floor plan, we can perform virtual home staging without it.


Send us an email

After receiving all the necessary information mentioned above, our assistant will contact you to discuss all the details.



Spotless does amazing work! It took me about 2 years to find a company that has their continuous quality and skills. Their customer service is excellent and their response rate really fast. Plus, you have the feeling you're actually being heard with your requests. Too often have I experienced a very automated service approach, where you never actually feel you're talking to someone. Not with Spotless, they are very 'tangible' in this digital age. Everyone I show their images to, has a hard time telling they are virtually staged. I don't know how they do it, but they DO it!! I can highly recommend them.

— Romy Rodiek Photography

Wow! I’m a broker In Houston who just used this agency for the first time. I will now use them for every vacant listing. They blew me away with their talent, and I am certain they will help sell my listing. I sent them a photo of an empty room that is a combined dining and living area and it had carpet. I needed it virtually staged with hardwood floors and new furniture. Within 24 hours, they sent me the most spectacular magazine like image. I couldn’t be happier.

— Chilivetis Fine Homes LLC

Spotless Agency is Great! Amazing renderings: great understanding of interior design aesthetic, easy communicate with them, turnaround time is pretty fast. Just started to work with them and already extremely pleased by their professionalism and the quality of virtual staging images. Planning continue working with them and strongly recommend to my colleagues. Thank you very much! 🙂

— Mkrtich Kubelyan

RoseNYC - New York City Apartments

Working with Spotless and Anastasia was a sheer pleasure. Her attention to detail and professionalism was so appreciated, and the quality of the virtual images were fantastic. I would highly recommend this company all around, and will continue to use them for all of my virtual staging.

— Deborah DeMaria

Douglas Elliman

It has taken several years now to identify a vendor that meets my level of expectations with virtual staging, virtual cleaning & rendering. Spotless Agency's recent work on my listing images actually has excelled well beyond my expectations! It feels so wonderful to finally see my listing images transformed into top quality, beautiful marketing presentations of my product. As a broker with a lot of creativity and marketing skills, I am very pleased to have found the perfect match in the Spotless Agency's mega talented graphic designers. Customer service is tops, excellent response time, and quality work that separates them from everyone else. Don't hesitate- Spotless is your answer!

— Allison Dubuisson

Douglas Elliman

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