Give your vacant listing a facelift with Virtual Staging

Enhance the traditional staging process with virtual staging that shows the ideal home.

Always give great first impressions with a fresh and modern look for any home. Virtual staging takes the time-honored tradition of dressing a room to show it at its best in the digital age. Show how life could be if people choose to live there, all done more easily than physical staging would ever allow.


What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging has become an increasingly popular tool in the real estate industry, no matter the floor plan and interior design. Using computer-generated imagery (CGI), a virtually staged listing presents an innovative and efficient way of furnishing a home. Thanks to the service, clients can customize an empty house with furniture, decor, and accessories. Ultimately, prospective buyers can see the space's full potential without physically being there.

With staging software, the sky's the limit when it comes to decorating options. You can change furniture style, color, and layout in just a few clicks. All these factors make it easier for real estate agents to market their listings and showcase a home's possibilities. Moreover, it's a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging, which requires renting furniture and decor.

Furthermore, virtual staging service helps buyers envision themselves in a space and create an emotional connection with a property. A beautifully staged virtual home can attract more interest and, as a result, lead to more showings and faster sales. In this regard, the method has transformed the way real estate is marketed. Moreover, it has proven to be a valuable tool for agents and buyers alike. Read more »

How does Virtual Staging help to sell your listing faster and for more money?

  1. First impressions count, and virtual staging allows a great first impression to be given. Real estate isn’t about selling buildings, it’s about selling a lifestyle. Staged homes sell more quickly than other homes, and virtual staging allows you to show the possibilities of any home.
  2. Virtual staging for realtors will bring the freshest, most modern look to homes that are empty or currently feature dated décor and furnishings. By keeping the room sizes and shapes exactly as they are, the potential of the building is exposed for all to see.
  3. This will draw people in and allow them to imagine their life as it could be. They will see the potential with their own eyes, leading to listings selling quickly and for more money. In the past, prices may have been knocked down due to lowered expectations, but when virtual staging makes the possibilities of the building clear for all to see, higher prices can be maintained.

How is virtual staging different from real home staging?

Undoubtedly, the past decade has seen considerable advancement in VR technologies, including virtual staging. The latter has emerged as an increasingly popular alternative to traditional home staging. While both methods aim to create a beautiful and inviting space to attract potential buyers, a few factors make digital staging the better option.

Virtual staging is entirely digital, which ensures the seamless addition of furniture, decor, and other elements to images of empty rooms. Unlike traditional staging, it does not require furniture rentals or other physical resources. In this regard, staged images are much more cost-effective and efficient than traditional home staging.

Another benefit of digitization is the versatility prospective home buyers get. Designers can easily experiment with different layouts, colors, and furniture arrangements to find the perfect fit for a space. This is much more challenging when physically staging a home because moving furniture around requires significant effort. Digital staging is also highly customizable, with interior designers able to customize styles to suit the needs of different clients and homes. Read more »

The Benefits of Virtual Staging


Unlike traditional staging, the virtual option is extremely versatile. It can be done for an occupied or vacant home. Moreover, digital staging offers the flexibility to show different styles or themes within a single space. A living room, for example, can be staged as a cozy family room or a modern entertainment space.


Virtual staging is a cost-effective way to show prospective clients what a vacant home could look like without spending money on furniture and décor. Conventional staging can easily cost thousands of dollars, especially for larger properties. Staging software eliminates those costs and allows real estate agents to showcase space to potential buyers using virtual furniture, ultimately leading to a higher selling price.

Easy and Appealing

Using digital services saves time and energy. It takes a few days to produce high-quality virtual staging photos. The following possibility speeds up the process of marketing and selling a vacant home considerably. Along with the quick turnaround time, the service offers the flexibility to make changes seamlessly. Want to add or change an item from a virtual photo? It's much easier to do digitally than it is in a real-life staged space.


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How Virtual Staging Solutions Enhance Any Home

The virtual staging process is an innovative way to enhance and improve any home's photos, making them more inviting and comfortable to prospective buyers or clients. Virtual house staging is the perfect way to show potential buyers what a space can look like with virtual furniture, decor, and virtual landscaping, providing them with a unique way to envision how they could use a room.


Empty Space to Cozy Home

Virtual staging is the perfect way to turn a space into a cozy home, transforming any room in just a few clicks. Virtual furniture, lighting, and other decor can create the perfect atmosphere for prospective buyers, allowing them to imagine themselves living in the space.


Replacing Outdated Furnishings

Virtual staging software allows for quick and easy replacement of outdated furnishings. Instead of calling in a decorator or replacing furnishings, virtual staging solutions can save time and money while still giving any home a fresh and updated look.


Changing Wallcoverings and Painting Walls

Virtual staging also allows changing wallcoverings and painting walls without the mess and hassle of physically doing it. This feature makes it easy to match the virtual furniture with the new colors and creates an appealing look.


Cost-Effective Enhancements

Virtual staging is a cost-effective way to enhance and improve the photos of any home, saving prospective buyers or clients the added expense of having to visualize what a space could look like. It also eliminates the hassle of the actual staging process, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves in a more furnished and personalized home environment.


Easy Visualizing

Virtual staging can also make a home's outdoor area more appealing to prospective buyers or clients by adding virtual landscaping. The virtually staged outdoor space makes it easy for prospective clients to visualize how the property looks throughout the year, enhancing the overall attractiveness of the home.

Service Information

How many photos should I virtually stage?

You can virtually stage as many or as few photos as you'd like. Our pricing is based on a per-image basis in three packages – Light, Standard, and Professional. Still, we can provide a customized quote based on your needs.

What if I don't like the images?

We strive to satisfy our clients' needs with the virtually staged images they receive. If you don't like the images, we'll make any necessary adjustments until you're satisfied with the result. Alternatively, we will refund you promptly.

Do I get free revisions, and how do I request them?

We offer up to 5 free revisions on our staging services depending on the virtual staging service package. To request revisions, simply let us know what changes you'd like us to make, and we'll take care of the rest. Ultimately, we'll ensure you're happy with the end result.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

Our typical turnaround time is 1-2 business days, depending on the project size and the package deal. Still, our new virtual staging service offers a same-day delivery paired with affordable pricing per image.

I'm not listing a vacant home. It contains clutter and furniture. Can you still add virtual staging?

Yes, we can still virtually stage a home even if it's not empty. Our furniture removal tool and staging software allow us to digitally remove any unwanted items. That way, we can add furniture to give buyers a better sense of the home's potential.

Will I be misleading buyers if I use Virtual Staging?

No, virtual staging is simply a way to showcase a home's potential. It's not meant to mislead buyers. Instead, it helps them envision what the space could look like with different furniture styles or decor.

Who owns the virtual staging photos after you complete the edits?

You will own the virtual staging photos after we've completed the edits.

Is my payment safe?

Yes, your payment is safe. We use tested payment methods to protect your personal and financial information.

Where are you based, and what currency do you use?

We are based in New York, the United States, but our team of professionals includes experienced photographers and designers. They specialize in image enhancement and virtual home solutions to help your real estate listings stand out. Our standard pricing is in USD with convenient payment methods like Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal, or Stripe. However, our list of clients is worldwide, and we can provide quotes in different currencies upon request.

Virtual Staging Process

Virtually staging an empty house has proven itself far superior to traditional staging. It works by taking a photo of a vacant home and then using staging software to add furniture, decor, and other elements to make it look more attractive and livable. The result is virtual photos that look like the home has already been staged and ready for potential buyers.

The service is much easier and more cost-effective for realtors than physical staging. Virtual staging does everything with just a few clicks rather than physically moving furniture and decor into a home. It also helps increase interest in a property by showing buyers what the home could look like with some added style and flair.

The virtual staging process typically goes like this:


Take the photo

A realtor takes a photo of a vacant home, either themselves or with the help of a professional photographer. The photo should be with an angle that shows the home's most attractive features.


Choose the interior design style

The real estate agent chooses an interior design style that matches the home and its potential buyers. Styles could include modern, traditional, coastal, or other popular interior design trends.


Provide a floor plan

The realtor provides a floor plan of the home to the virtual staging service, which helps them add furniture and decor in a realistic and functional way.


Send us an email

The realtor sends an email with the photo, interior design style, and floor plan to the virtual staging service. The staging software then creates a set of photos that can be used for online listings and marketing materials.

Virtual Staging Pricing

Show what matters in any room – the lifestyle that awaits the new occupant. Perfect for realtors and new property developments, virtual staging doesn’t disrupt the existing rooms but does display their potential. Click here to see more info about virtual staging pricing.


  • Premium image quality
  • Turnaround up to 4 days
  • 1 Change


/ per one image


  • Premium image quality
  • Turnaround up to 2 days
  • Up to 2 changes
  • Performed by top stagers
  • Attention to details


/ per one image


  • Premium image quality
  • Next day delivery
  • Up to 5 changes
  • Performed by top stagers
  • Thorough control by CEO Andrey Zlobin
  • High-priority performance
  • Utmost attention to details


/ per one image


We used Spotless as well as another agency in order to compare the quality of the product side by side. Spotless beat the competition hands down. The fast turnaround was really impressive, but the quality of what they produced blew me away. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that I was looking at an image of a real furnished room. We will be using Spotless again for all of our virtual staging needs!

Lynne Gariepy Hickox

Real Estate Agent

Spotless Agency is my GO TO virtual staging company, in 13 years I've tried just about everyone and they are the best and most realistic photos out there. If you are thinking of trying them do not hesitate. All my owners have been thrilled with the results and I guarantee this is why we have been able to sell listings others haven't.

Caroline Bass

Real Estate Agent

Spotless Agency is really the premiere service for virtual staging! They're the only company I trust with my listings, where they pay attention to every detail, right down to the photography books on the coffee table and the throws on the bed. They have a wonderful selection of different styles and tirelessly work to edit the images and get the finished product that you're looking for. I've used them both for my sale and rental listings and haven't had to rent furniture, which is a huge savings for my clients. They're always responsive and a great team to work with!

Sandra Mimran Smith

Real Estate Agent


What is virtual staging vs. staging?

Virtual property staging uses technology to create digitally enhanced photos of empty spaces, making them appear furnished and decorated. Traditional staging, on the other hand, involves physically furnishing and decorating a space.

Is virtual staging the same as 3D rendering?

Virtual staging involves creating digital photo enhancements, while 3D rendering creates a completely virtual environment. While both processes use technology to create images, they are different.


How much does a virtual stage cost?

The typical virtual staging cost can vary depending on the service provider, the number of staged photos, and the project's complexity. Generally, the service costs a fraction of what traditional staging does.


Can you do your virtual staging?

Yes, you can virtually stage using photo editing software like Photoshop or online staging platforms. However, professional virtual staging services can offer higher quality results and more variety in design options.


Is virtual production expensive?

Virtual production involves creating an entirely virtual environment, which can be costly. Fortunately, virtual image enhancement is much more affordable.

Can you use Photoshop for virtual staging?

Yes, Photoshop can be used for virtual staging by editing photos of empty spaces and adding furniture and decor. However, this requires technical expertise and can be time-consuming.


How do I make my own staging?

To make your staging, you must photograph the space, gather furniture and decor, and set up the area attractively and functionally. For digital staging, you can use photo editing software to add furniture and decor to the photos.


What is 3D virtual staging?

3D virtual staging involves creating a completely virtual environment, including furniture and decor, using 3D rendering software. The following service can be more expensive but offers highly realistic and customizable results.


How do I virtually stage photos?

You must use photo editing software like Photoshop or online platforms to virtually stage photos. You can upload pictures of the empty space and choose furniture and decor options to enhance the space digitally.


Why choose virtual staging?

Virtual staging allows you to showcase a property without the added expense and hassle of traditional staging. It is an excellent option for vacant properties that need refreshment without the cost of moving in furniture or making changes to the space.

What is virtual staging in architecture?

Virtual staging in architecture uses 3D models and computer-generated images to create virtual furnishings and decor for a space. The following is suitable for residential or commercial areas, allowing clients to see a room's appearance before any construction or renovation.


Why should I pick virtual staging over physical staging?

Typically, virtual staging cost is more affordable and flexible than conventional staging. You can showcase multiple design options with minimal cost and time commitment, which benefits vacant properties or outdated decor.


What virtual staging software do you use?

At Spotless Agency, we use a combination of 3D modeling software and graphic design software to create virtual staging work. This allows us to produce high-quality images and designs for our clients.

How long does virtual staging take?

Completing a project team timeline varies depending on the project size and complexity. However, it typically takes 1-3 business days.

How to place an order?

Yes, we offer 360 virtual stagings. This allows potential buyers or clients to experience a space in total, giving them a better understanding of the layout and design options.


Can you do Matterport Virtual staging?

Yes, we can do Matterport virtual staging. This allows us to showcase the space in 3D and add virtual furnishings and decor to create a realistic experience for potential buyers or clients.

What is meant by virtual staging?

The virtual staging industry uses computer-generated images to add furnishings and decor to a space. It allows real estate professionals and homeowners to showcase a property's potential. Moreover, the service helps potential buyers envision what the area could look like with a few updates.


Is virtual staging the same as rendering?

While virtual staging can include rendering techniques, it is not the same as rendering. Digital renderings refer to creating 3D images of a space or object. At the same time, digital staging specifically focuses on adding virtual furnishings and decor to a room to showcase its potential

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