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Let buyers walk around a property without ever needing to leave their own home!

Clients and investors can’t always get to a property that is for sale easily. Times may not match up, it may take a great amount of traveling, and the worst situation is when a potential buyer is disappointed by what they see. A virtual tour lets any buyer see exactly what a building looks like – virtually!

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What is a virtual tour?

A 360° virtual tour is a simulation of a walk-through of a property. It is the perfect marketing tool that can be used in real estate and design scenarios and is useful for projects that are not yet completed to give a true understanding of the flow of the building. Clients and investors can see how the finished project will look and gain a real understanding of the space. Many brands have created real estate virtual tours with real estate virtual tour software, and hotels, restaurant owners, real estate agents, and even recruiters have all benefitted from virtual tours.

How does a virtual tour work?

A virtual tour is created by using 3D models and images of buildings to allow you to have the experience of walking through a building - even before it is built. Using 360 virtual tours for real estate marketing and other campaigns can show people from around the world what a building is like, making it an ideal solution to attract international property investors. Every aspect of a virtual tour can be modified, including internal décor and paint, furniture, wall coverings, and more. Viewers can fully appreciate the interior space that is on offer, making it far superior solution than simple photographs.


How can virtual tours benefit your business?

Real estate agents reap the benefits of virtual tours as they can give a real impression of a home before a potential buyer steps through the door. It can help a buyer decide if they are really interested, saving the time and hassle involved in providing an in-person tour to a buyer who won’t want to buy the home in the end. For construction companies, 360 virtual tours provide customers with the option of reviewing an assortment of home plans to visually demonstrate the differences between the layouts.

Benefits of creating virtual tours of homes for selling properties

01. A virtual tour provides greater exposure

Buyers gravitate toward listings with more information, and virtual tours provide the maximum details about any home – with more people interested, the price of the property can increase

02. Minimize physical showings with virtual tours

A real estate 3D virtual tour allows potential buyers to understand the floor plan of any home and gives a true feeling of what it is like to be inside. If they find it unappealing, you won’t need to waste time showing them around in person

03. Attract out-of-town and international buyers with a virtual tour

For those who can’t quickly get to see a property, a virtual tour is a great substitute. Buyers can make informed decisions more quickly and without traveling to see a house that they ultimately may not be interested in.

04. Less unwarranted viewings

Sometimes neighbors and other local sellers can have an interest in a home – not to buy it, just to have a look around! A virtual tour means they can get their fix without needing a full viewing, especially when they are never going to make an offer.

05. Virtual tours improve local SEO

Virtual tours can improve local SEO traffic as customers look for businesses that can meet their needs. A virtual tour helps customers find the right company – smartphone users will use services such as Google Maps to find local businesses and will then click on those with virtual tours. This allows them to find businesses that match their needs easily.

06. Boosting social media presence with virtual tours

A virtual tour can attract customers, and it also makes it simple for those customers to tell others about your business. If you add your virtual tour to YouTube, there’s a good chance it can appear to many potential customers if tagged with the right keywords. A virtual tour can also be useful content to share via social media, giving others the opportunity to share and like – another way that your reputation can be spread.

For larger stores, multiple virtual stores can be used to show different aspects of the business. Displaying several showrooms or even new branches of your business has never been easier than with virtual tours.

Effective in improving website traffic and very useful for increasing sales, a virtual tour is a sound investment for any business that wants to grow. A virtual tour will attract customers both now and into the future, and almost any industry can make use of a virtual store to boost their online presence and increase sales.

360° Virtual Reality Tour Software

Real estate virtual tour software is readily available and there are many platforms on which you can create your 360° Virtual Reality tour. If you want to discover the best software to use, you can find further information in the reviews in the article below

Pricing Pricing


What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour, also known as a real estate virtual tour, is a method of creating a virtual experience of a location. This is how to create a virtual tour for real estate- join together multiple panoramic images to allow the viewer to experience the feeling of being somewhere else. No special hardware is required as the virtual experience can be viewed on mobile devices, laptops, and other devices. Optionally, virtual tours can include sound effects or narration, and may have on-screen buttons to provide further information or to allow users to save an image of a certain view.

Can a Real Estate Virtual Tour Help to Sell Houses?

Vendors will consider a real estate 3D virtual tour to be an important factor when choosing who to sell their house with. A virtual tour will increase the number of qualified viewings of their property and allows buyers to see inside a building without needing to travel to it – often resulting in a faster sale.

What is the Purpose of a 3D Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour allows the viewer to see a simulation of an existing locations without needing to be present at the actual location. This allows the viewer to safely see inside your home or business from the device of their choosing.

What is the best virtual tour software?

  1. Kuula.
  2. 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro.
  3. CloudPano.
  4. Pano2VR.
  5. My360.
  6. Matterport.
  7. Panoskin.
  8. Immoviewer.

You can find more detailed information about virtual tour software in the article below - link to an article “Top 10 Best 360° Virtual Tour Software Options for Real Estate in 2020”

What is a real estate virtual tour?

A virtual tour can provide a remote, video-enabled walk-through of a property. This will give buyers a real feeling of “being there” and can be essential since the rise of COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, a virtual tour for real estate was used by agents as a simple and effective marketing tool.

How much does a 360 virtual tour cost?

The price for 360 virtual tours starts from $650 per apartment and depends on a complexity and square footage of the property. 

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