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Privacy practices of LTD are disclosed in this Privacy Policy. The company can be referred to in several ways in this document including the words “Spotless Agency”, “we”, “our”, or “us”. If you access this website, you automatically agree with the Privacy Policy explained on this web page. It focuses on the information about collecting and using personal details provided by guests of our website performing diffs activities on the platform. reserves the right to change or remove some points from this Privacy Policy anytime. The content of this document is applicable to our website together with other terms and conditions. We do not take responsibility for 3rd party platforms that can be linked to ours.

Our top priority is to protect the anonymity of information we collect on our website, especially when it comes to sensitive data like personal details. This Privacy Policy explains the ways how we deal with this information.

1. Privacy Policy scope

The Privacy Policy applies to and all the features and services we provide. However, when it comes to customers who use our company services on their sites, every company or organization we link to, or businesses that are not subject to our control even if these are our contractors or partners, this Privacy Policy does not apply to them.

2. Information collected by

The Privacy Policy applies to and all the features and services we provide. However, when it comes to customers who use our company services on their sites, every company or organization we link to, or businesses that are not subject to our control even if these are our contractors or partners, this Privacy Policy does not apply to them.

Information provided by customers

When you use our website services including account creation, ordering services or communicating with the customer support team, we collect some information provided voluntarily by you.

We collect both identified and identifiable information. It includes such examples as contact and personal data, financial details, credentials such as password, content provided on the website, etc. When it comes to payment data, we benefit from 3rd party processes and collect data connected with it including a payment instrument and a security code.

You are allowed to submit any information to our website voluntarily but we reserve the right to put all the responsibility for it on you.

Information We Collect Automatically

The information about the device used and its interaction with our website is collected automatically. When it comes to data types and methods used for collecting information, these are the following ones:

  • Cookies, Web Beacons, and Embedded Scripts

    Cookies, HTML5 local storage, and other similar tools are used by many services. Cookies are files that are saved on the computer with the goal to identify users as unique individuals with their own preferences and data. also benefits from cookies and different technologies for identification of the advice, users who logged the website, tracking referrals, making bargains, and monitoring other services. makes use of beacons, GIFs, and other examples of programming code you can find on our pages and in the emails. You may not see beacons, but all other elements mentioned above can act like beacons and be visible to you too. Why are beacons used? They help to count the number of users who visited the website, monitor their navigation on the site, check the number of emails opened by users or links followed. may utilize embedded scripts providing services on the website. These are examples of programming code that help to follow user interaction with the platform and get information about the quality of services provided. We download a code to the user’s device from the server or another provider of services. It remains active until you are connected to the site and removed when you leave it.

  • Log File Information

    All browsers send information to sites visited and our platform is not an exception. Our logs usually get and remember the following information: pages visited on the site, referring URLs, type of browser, OS, date/time as well as the duration of the visit, etc.

  • User Agent Strings

    Some log files include a user agent string. This is a number of characters that include information about the OS and browser sent together with every web request made. They are necessary for a smooth connection to the Internet and can be used for the identification of the device that sends a message.

  • Location Data

    Location is another type of information requested or received by It is identified thanks to IP address and other technologies that determine location. This information is required for the provision and improvement of services.

  • Unique Identification Number may give a device you use for accessing the platform a unique ID depending on the information of the log files. Moreover, our service can provide devices with this unique identification number with pokies. never shares the Unique ID or other user data with 3rd parties.

  • Information receives from 3rd parties

    There are 3rd parties that give information about you to It can be combined with details collected by our website when a person uses it. In this case, Spotless Agency will treat all this information according to the points of the Privacy Policy, though some restrictions may be applied by the original data source.

3. The way uses information

These are legitimate interests that we use the information received for. Here are some of them:

Service provision

As it was already mentioned, uses personal details including the first and last name, phone number, email address, or contact information obtained from users and business partners to provide, enhance, and improve the services and products.

Communication with customers

There is a list of contacts maintained by created for communication with our business partners or people who are interested in our services. Our representatives may contact clients for order confirmations or responding to requests made, notifications about changes to the account or services, advertising, informing about business-related issues, and other reasons.

Site Administration and Customization

Information collected by is used for administration and customization purposes. Some of them include processing a sign-up request, providing services ordered, sending updates and other pieces of information, customizing features connected with services, measuring traffic, improving the quality of services, etc.

Getting user consent

There is some information that is used by us with your consent. It includes details provided when you participate in surveys, serve marketing personalized for you or 3rd parties, and fulfill other purposes.

These are our customers who encouraged us to include some lawful bases to process information and we provide services on their behalf. utilizes the information without identifying personalities in any way apart from cases that are required by law. If you want to learn about your rights and choice connected with the use of information received, read Section 6, please.

4. The way shares information

Sharing with service providers

There is the information we share with our 3rd party providers of services, contractors, partners to deliver services to our clients, for the purposes connected with the administration and operation of services. If we need to share details to be able to provide services ordered, only that 3rd party will get this information that works on behalf of One of the examples is the necessity to share your credit or debit card number with a payment processing company to complete the transaction on our website.

Compliance with the Law and security reserves the right of disclosing our users’ information to 3rd parties if this is required by law or we consider these actions a necessity (1) to comply with one of the following legal processes including a search warrant, subpoena, or court order, (2) to guarantee the protection of the rights and property belonging to the company, (3) to analyze reports of people who send materials from a false email address or write terrifying, threatening, or abusive content in messages, (4) to prevent website misuse or unauthorized use, (5) to deal with emergency situations when someone risks safety, for example. can be forced to disclose details in the situations when something threatens another person’s life, providing a response to the legal request from authorized bodies, meeting national security or law enforcement requirements in particular.

Business transfer

It may happen that will once purchase or sell some assets. If we sell all or some assets of ours, or another company acquires us, or the sale or acquisition are being negotiated, you should know that information collected might be included in the assets transferred or discussed.


We reserve the right to share the details provided by you with your consent. can share details that do not identify a person with 3rd parties for different purposes apart from those prohibited by law and without applying limits to the foregoing. You can check Section 6 to learn more about your rights and the choice of the way we share data.

5. 3rd party analytics and online tracking cooperates with 3rd party companies including analytics ones. They give us details about website traffic and use of our services. These companies may collect information from different sources and even use their own tracking tools similar to ours. Use of the technologies helps them get access to your IP address, log details, and other things connected with your personality and device. They are also used in marketing, provision of analytics, and in other cases too. has no control over the information collected by 3rd parties, so we ask all our customers to check their own privacy policies too. It may happen that these services will continue collecting your information over a long period of time and on other platforms as well.

6. User choices and rights

Unsubscribe from getting emails

Members of our platform who have created an account on it can change the information provided when the Log into the account. Users who have no desire to get emails from our company can contact our team at and request unsubscription. In some cases, you can do that manually in the written communications sent to you. They always contain a link that allows unsubscribing from our emails. However, even if you opted out from marketing letters, there is a chance to get emails from our company regarding the use of services or solving account issues too. They do not belong to ads and are not connected with marketing notifications.

Block or Delete Cookies

It is possible to get rid of cookies manually by removing them from the cookie or temporary Internet folder. Every user can adjust settings of the browser to get notifications when you receive cookies or even reject their acceptance. However, when you delete or block cookies, it may result in limiting the ability of making bargains on our website, functionality, or using website services that require entering the account.

Analytics and advertisement

There is a possibility to make the choice of how cookies should be used by Google Analytics by following this link and if you download the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

There are also advertising service providers working with our company who are participants of the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. You can learn about this body more and find how to exercise some choice following the link: Some of our partners have membership in the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). You can learn more about this organ at We also want to warn you that opting out of different kinds of ads you can still get some. Even if you refuse from getting certain examples of web ads, there can be other ad networks to send notifications. bears no responsibility for 3rd-party services and options.

Most of the browsers allow switching to a “Do Not Track” option for all sites and services visited. However, the consensus about the meaning of the Do Not Track option is absent. It means that modern websites do not change anything in their practices even if they get this signal, but you can learn more about this option at

European Privacy Rights

Data subjects located in Europe are eligible for accessing, rectifying or erasing any personal details of yours collected when you use our services. These people are officially allowed to transfer data as well as restrict us to process their personal data collected on our website. They can also request to avoid using this data in marketing campaigns and other purposes that are different from the ones you have collected it originally for. They can also opt for consent withdrawal to our data processing at any time even if you provided it earlier.
If you want to exercise the rights mentioned, we recommend contacting our representations using the information provided in Section 10 and explain which one you want to exercise. The time for our response can take up to episode days. You should understand that we may ask for extra personal details to check your identity. We also ask you to note that information collected is stored to achieve the goals set and may be retained and used even after a data subject request for purposes of our legitimate interests that may be used in compliance with the company’s legal obligations, dispute resolving, fraud prevention, and agreement enforcement.

If we have processed our client’s information and he wants to exercise the rights possessed with it, contact our customer support.
Facing any issues with compliance of users can complain with the European supervisory authority.

7. Security

There are physical, administrative, and technical measures implemented by the for protecting data from being lost, stolen, misused or accessed without authorization, disclosed, altered or destructed. But there isn’t an impenetrable security system no matter whether it is physical or electronic. does not provide guarantees when it comes to website servers or databases. We also can’t ensure that user details can be intercepted upon transmitting them to our website via the Internet.

8. Policy regarding children

Only 16-year old and older people can use our services. refuses to collect information from children under 16. Parents and guardians who believe that information collected about the child resulted in the violation of this policy can contact our representative by the address provided in Section 10.

9. Making changes to the policy

The Privacy Policy can be occasionally updated due to changes in business or legal procedures. If we decide to change some points of this policy or the way your information is used, you will be notified about that in advance. We ask our clients to check this policy from time to time to stay informed.

10. Contact details

People who have questions, complaints about the Privacy Policy or want to unsubscribe from our company's emails, check personal data or complete other steps, can contact our representatives in the following way:

By email:

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