3D Modeling

Computer generated 3D models can mimic real world environments at a fraction of the cost.

When you need to see a building interior, exterior, or even an individual object from any angle, 3D modeling is the right choice. Buildings can be shown to gain an insight from architect’s plans, items can be quickly prototyped, and the finished result is a photorealistic image.

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What is a 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D representation of any surface or object by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space . You can see the results of 3D modeling in movies , animations, and video games filled with fantastical and imaginative creatures and structures.

3D modeling is achieved manually with specialized 3D production software that lets an artist create and deform polygonal surfaces or by scanning real-world objects into a set of data points used to represent the objects digitally.

What is 3d modeling
used for?

There are many uses for 3D modeling , and some of the most common include in architecture, video games, movies, engineering, and advertising. 3D modeling software is used to create digital objects that can be manipulated and animated which makes it an ideal solution for character creation and on-screen special effects.

The 3D modeling Spotless Agency specializes in includes products, concepts, and furniture 3D modeling services .

We know that creating 3D models of buildings and objects allows the item to be viewed and carefully examined even before it reaches physical existence. Very complex designs can be created through the use of 3D modeling techniques combined with cinematic animation alongside realistic lighting. Your ideas can become a reality that your target audience will see, appreciate, and understand.

3D product visualization overcomes many of the constraints of traditional photography and videography. You don’t need to create prototypes or arrange photoshoots as we can do it virtually for you. Anything from product variations to 3D presentations and demo animation can be created, showing exactly how things work in a truly photorealistic manner. No matter which angle you look at the finished model from, it will appear exactly as it would in the real world.


What are the benefits of 3D modeling services for different industries?

3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D representation of any surface or object by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space. You can see the results of 3D modeling in movies, animations, and video games filled with fantastical and imaginative creatures and structures.

01. Design and concept development with 3D modeling

FFor any new product, item, or building, the use of 3D modeling services provides an easy and enhanced way of visualizing them. 3D modeling is a great tool that allows the conceptualization of inventions, buildings, and technology in great detail, allowing it to be viewed from multiple angles.

Having access to professional 3D modeling opens the opportunity of using the model for 3D printing – imagine being able to hold your idea physically in your hand!

02. Visualizing and creating ideal spaces

Blueprints and 2D floorplans are great for designers, but 3D modeling facilitates seeing exactly what a space can look like. For those who aren’t architects, it can be difficult to translate a flat image into a 3D space in your mind – however, 3D modeling software does the hard work for you. If you want to know what a building, an office, a room, or a garden will look like, 3D modeling will show you exactly what the area will look like.

03. Product creation with 3D modeling design

Have you ever invented something? Created a new product or device? 3D modeling will enable you to see exactly how it will look in real life, including products that are in packaging. You’ll be able to see the item from any angle and have the perfect tool to entice investors into working with you. Plus, it’s another great option that can make use of 3D printing .

04. 3D modeling for presentations and branding

3D models can be used for many purposes. From product or space visualization to creating animated logos, 3D modeling services can boost your company by enhancing the professional appearance of your offering. It may seem high-tech, but when your clients are impressed by the effort you have put in to turning a simple graph into a 3D extravaganza , they will know that you mean business.


3D Modeling Software

When you need to create models of objects, 3D modeling software is the ideal choice. Powerful 3D modeling software allows you to take a basic idea and transform it into a photorealistic model with extensive detail.

There are many different options for 3D modeling software, but some of the most well-known include:

  1. AutoCad
  2. ZBrush
  3. Autodesk 3DS Max
  4. SketchUp
  5. Blender

You can find more information about 3D modeling software by clicking the link below

3D Modeling Pricing

There’s no easier way to take ideas and concepts and turn them into something tangible. Show your customers, investors, and anyone else what the finished place or product will look like. Click below to find out more about 3D modeling pricing.

Pricing Pricing


What is the cost of a 3D model?

The cost of a 3D model will be determined by the length of time your project is estimated to take to complete.  3D modeling services  are often calculated at between $25 and $55 per hour, although the  best 3D modeling services  may charge higher rates.

How long does it take to make a 3D model?

This depends on the complexity of the 3D model. A simple  3D modeling project  may only take a few hours, while a complex  3D modeling design  could take 60 hours or longer. 

Is there any type of 3D modeling you specialize in?

We can create almost any 3D model of a product for your eCommerce presentations. We don’t create  3D models for Game Development

What file formats will I get?

You will receive 3 files with all textures and materials included:

  • 3DS Max file
  • FBX file
  • OBJ file

Do you provide white background previews for the 3D modeling projects you create?

Yes, we do. Three white background images are included in the price of our 3D modeling service. It can help you to review your product from different angles.

Can you create high resolution photorealistic room-scene images showing our products?

Yes, we can create this kind of rendering for you. You can read more information about our 3D rendering services by clicking the link below - Link to “services/architectural renderings”

What information do you need to start working on our 3D modeling project?

We can work with a wide range of information, for example, CAD files, sketches, or photos of actual products.

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