Furniture rendering

Furniture rendering allows realistic images to be created to illustrate a range of products.

Photography has been the go-to solution for providing images to show the products you have to offer, but furniture rendering allows the creation of photorealistic furniture that can be made with multiple textures, colors, and fabrics at the touch of a button.

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What is 3D furniture rendering?

3D furniture rendering is a digital process for creating realistic images capable of illustrating products. It’s an alternative to photography, and makes it easy to change textures, materials, and other design details without the need to construct and photograph multiple physical products. Products can be shown from multiple angles which makes 3D furniture renderings ideal for manufacturers to show the possibilities without the time and cost investment of building prototypes. It’s and extremely flexible method that can be used in both product development and marketing.

Who is this service for?

Furniture rendering is a great choice for product designers, eCommerce sellers, furniture manufacturers, and other industries.

Especially useful in eCommerce, CG product renders can produce clean and clear images that resonate with customers. Always a competitive sector, the higher quality your images are, the more likely you are to make a sale. It’s not always possible to get a good photograph of furniture, but the online furniture industry would struggle to operate without images – which is why 3D rendering is so useful.

Spotless Agency furniture rendering provides many advantages over traditional photography. 3D furniture renderings are often in the leading position when it comes to online furniture sales and is more cost-effective and flexible than traditional photography. The best furniture rendering companies provide more options at a lower cost – with shorter deadlines – than the traditional method. The need for a fully lit and staged photoshoot is removed, and photorealistic 3D furniture renderings can be produced quickly.

Furniture 3d rendering vs real photo shoot

Both options can provide great images for marketing campaigns and you are probably most familiar with photography. However, 3D furniture renderings are becoming more popular for a number of reasons.

Obtaining photographs can take some time. If you’re ready to showcase something new in your online store, you’ll need several days to arrange a photoshoot, and then a week or more for the images to be processed and finalized. You could always use stock photos, but it’s not the best choice when compared to interior <strong>architecture rendering furniture images</strong>.


The alternative is to use 3D furniture rendering. It releases you from the photoshoot cycle and provides a swift solution for obtaining furniture images for marketers, retailers, and manufacturers. To help you choose the best way to get your images, we’ve analyzed the pros and cons of 3D furniture rendering and traditional photography.


Product Photography
for Furniture Marketing

Product photography produces excellent results for all kinds of furniture, and a professional photographer knows how to get the best out of the products they have to work with. It’s a common way of getting images of products but can take some time – there’s plenty of preparation to consider and the photos will need to be edited afterward. Photography is often charged by the hour, so the more items you have, the more it may cost.

The Pros of Choosing Traditional Photoshoots

Realistic Images

The key factor in photography is to draw the viewer into the fantasy that is presented by the photograph – an aspirational lifestyle or goal to be achieved – and showing that it is possible. Interior design can be easily expressed, with items of furniture in their ideal location, showcasing the potential the viewer’s home may have. The main difficulty with producing photos that sell this kind of dream is ensuring that the photographer is adept at editing. Small misjudgments in lighting or layout will need to be fixed in post-production to ensure the finished image is attractive.

Familiar Ways of Working

Finding a good photographer is often tricky but presents less obstacles than venturing into a new industry. Most people are familiar with photography and the processes involved, so when they need a picture of a product, they’ll head towards the old routine. 3D furniture rendering seems almost sci-fi, whereas a photographer brings tradition and fits into certain expectations. The downside is that using a photographer may result in needing to make multiple prototypes, decorating a photoshoot studio, and other tasks that take time and money. Changing your tried-and-trusted methods can be hard.

The Cons of Working with Traditional Photography

A Prolonged Workflow

Photoshoots are never quick – there is much to do in preparation and after the photos have been taken. It will take time to find the right location for the shoot and transporting multiple prototypes (or even multiple styles of finished products) can be difficult, especially if they need to go out-of-state or even to a different country. Staging the set will take time and potentially a large financial investment, and poor weather conditions can affect the final image. And don’t forget, lower-quality or malfunctioning equipment can add to the list of woes.

High Costs

The amount of time and effort required to set up a photoshoot may only be outweighed by the high costs associated with the process. Every product photographed will increase the cost, and every angle of each product will add on further time and costs. Remember, traditional photography is often charged by the hour.

Difficult to Fix Issues

3D furniture rendering is a digital process where issues can be resolved simply. Furniture photography relies on the abilities of a photographer, and problems cannot be easily fixed after the photoshoot is over. Small amounts of retouching are possible, but for major changes, the shoot must be restaged – which is usually prohibited by cost and time constraints. The best case is that you hope the results are great, and your hopes are realized – otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board.


Product Marketing with 3D Furniture Rendering

In the past, items of furniture may have needed to be transported to a studio for photographers to work with. There will be time taken to set up a shot, and even more time to switch pieces of furniture around. With 3D furniture rendering, the object is created, and can then be textured and colored as required. There are no light issues with windows as this can be chosen as part of the rendering – traditional photography has zero control over the weather.

Cons of Working with 3D Furniture Rendering

Too Much Choice

There are many contractors who specialize in 3D furniture rendering, and it can be difficult to determine who are the true professionals. Just like with photography, you will find freelancers and studios, and while each have their merits it is usually safer to work with a 3D furniture rendering company. Quality guarantees are usually part of the deal with the best furniture rendering companies. Another thing to examine carefully with both studios and freelancers is the quality and style of their portfolio. A strong portfolio can indicate great success with your 3D furniture rendering project.

Rendering Furniture Timescales and Deadlines

3D furniture rendering may be very different from what you are used to, and it can be hard to understand the steps involved in the process. Each step may take different amounts of time, and you may be concerned about receiving the images before your deadline. The best furniture rendering companies offer guarantees that will give you your money back if the work is not completed on time.

Pros of 3D Furniture Rendering for Product Images

Fast Results

Virtual furniture placement created by 3D furniture rendering studios will provide faster results that traditional photos. Teams that include multiple 3D furniture rendering specialists can simultaneously work on the same project to increase the speed of delivery. As rendering furniture does not require a physical photoshoot, there are no logistics to worry about, no weather to take note of, and no need to worry about the quality of the photographic equipment being used. 3D rendering can be used to create anything without the use of photos.

Cost Effective Rendering

Rendering furniture can reduce the costs of any marketing campaign by a significant amount. This can make a great difference in the level of success the campaign experiences.

Making Changes to 3D Rendering is Simple

Computer generated graphics allow edits to be made both during and after the project has been completed. If your marketing needs something changed or updated, it’s a digital process – no need for a fresh photoshoot or the cost associated with it.

Full Control Over 3D Rendering

The best furniture rendering companies will always keep their clients up to date on the progress of a project and can even show 3D models or intermediate furniture renderings during the project.

Traditional product photography is a good solution, but its shortcomings are exposed with the 3D furniture rendering process. It may be a new and potentially intimidating technology, but the opportunities it provides can open new avenues for advertising and marketing. Creativity, faster processes, and lower costs combine to make 3D rendering an all-round excellent solution.

Furniture rendering Pricing

it can take a long time to get the shots you want with photography, and it’s difficult to transport every item. Make it easier and lower the cost by choosing furniture rendering. Click below to discover the pricing options for our furniture rendering services.

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What is needed to start a furniture rendering project?

Simply click on the “Start Your Project” button and our 3D rendering client managers will contact you to discuss your requirements.

What is the cost of 3D furniture rendering?

The cost will be determined by your needs. An idea of the final price can be found by using the furniture rendering calculator on our website. For a more accurate 3D furniture rendering project estimation, please fill out the Request A Quote form.

How can I be sure of good quality 3D rendering results?

Two quality control checks are in place. An internal quality assessment system is used, which is paired with evaluation by mentors who check the work meets our aesthetic quality standards for 3D rendering.

What files are needed to start a rendering project?

All types of files are accepted for <strong>3D rendering projects</strong>, and we are happy to accept hand-drawn sketches and briefings in video format. Note that if you need us to follow your guidance and drawings, you need to send the information to us. The most appropriate formats follow:

  1. Plans and drawings – send in CAD format, PDF, vector formats
  2. 3D models of objects – if you already have a model, please send it in any format you have. STL, 3DS, MAX, and OBJ files are preferred
  3. For visual ideas of how the object looks, please send website links or photos in any suitable format, e.g. JPG

If you are unsure, just send us as much information and as many files as you can.

How many projects can Spotless Agency handle simultaneously?

We can handle multiple projects at the same time. Scaling our team and capacity is easy, and we can create many 3D furniture rendering images simultaneously.

What types of payment are acceptable for 3D rendering?

We can accept the following payment methods: 

  1. Bank Card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
  2. PayPal
  3. SWIFT

Can you send me a business proposal for 3D furniture rendering via email?

Yes, you just need to contact us via the form on our website. Let us know exactly what you need from our 3D rendering service and we’ll get the proposal to you by the next business day.

Can you work with smaller companies for small-scale 3D rendering projects?

Yes, we work with companies of all sizes and take on projects of all scales. We always create high-quality 3D furniture renderingsfor every size of company. Our images are suitable for all kinds of advertising campaigns and presentations, and they are sure to increase your sales.

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