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10 Habits to contribute to the success of a real estate agent

How to achieve success through habits

People tend to trust only those specialists who have proven their professionalism and continue to develop. If you have chosen a profession of a real estate agent, you must be ready for constant self-improvement that can be achieved through building certain habits. What are they? Let’s find out.

  1. Make investments

It is impossible to run any business without at least minimal investments. Not only money but also your time can be a good investment in yourself. It is reasonable to pay more time to reading business-related books, watching video lessons, communicating with experts etc.

It is also important to keep up with the modern tech trends and take care of your appearance which is very important for the first impression.

2. Learn neighborhoods well

We do not mean the one you live in unless you work in this neighborhood too. If you sell homes in Miami, you should know what homes are for sale there, which ones are going to be sold, what are the benefits and drawbacks of living there, basic amenities, schools, kindergartens etc. Moreover, find out information about each of the local neighborhoods to answer your client’s requests as fast as possible.

3. Improve your presentations of listings and the way you answer calls

Buyers and sellers make an impression of a real estate agent in the first seconds of the phone call. Moreover, if they see that this person is not serious or lacks patience, they produce this negative impression on the property he sells too. Roleplay your phone talks and ask someone to criticize them to sound more professional.

4. Win clients by quality listing presentations

It is necessary to convince a client that you are a perfect realtor for selling his or her property. The best way to do that is to create a nice presentation of the home on sale. Show your interest and experience by asking questions when you can start when you can suggest it to buyers if you can take pictures of the home etc.

5. Stay connected with clients

It is very important to explain to clients every step you make so that they could see that you put effort to sell their property. Contact them regularly and inform them about your achievements even if they are small ones.

6. Extend your sphere of influence

Always try to leave a positive impression about your work as former clients play a very important role in getting referrals and feedback on your services. They can not only advise your personality to others but also come back to you again for similar services.

You should also reach them out after a period of time. Don’t be intrusive, just ask if they are satisfied with the purchase and what is liked the most in their new property. Only at the end of the talk, you can ask for referrals, however, it should not be the main topic of the call.

7. Respond as quickly as possible

Successful real estate agents should return calls immediately. It makes a feeling that this person is important for you.

8. Take advantage of social media

You can not only post your listings or advertise your services there. It is very important to share a piece of your personal information with clients. It encourages them to trust you more and creates a certain impression about you for prospective clients.

9. Learn more about mortgage

Not all clients can buy the property immediately and they don’t know where they can turn if they want to learn more about a mortgage. For some non-American residents, they may be having trouble with being accepted for a mortgage because they might have a lack of credit history in America. However, you could tell them that they might be able to use their International credit to help them get a credit background. Then, they should be able to apply for a mortgage successfully. Always try to explain everything clearly and this client will return to you for a purchase.

10. Use any way to attract leads

Remember that “no” is not always so irreversible. There are people who use this word because of fear or lack of confidence, so your professionalism can help you to persuade them. Don’t be shy to call people and offer your services as well as property you sell, because 80% of sales are made between the fifth and twelfth contacts you have made.

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