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15 Signs Of Being an Inborn Real Estate Agent

15 signs to ensure that the real estate industry is for you

There are situations when people who have worked in a certain industry face some challenges or are tired of the work they do and start thinking of changing their profession for another one. However, it may be a great mistake since you can be a great specialist in your job and it is enough to wait for some time to get another boost and incentive to grow.One of the professions where not every person can become successful is real estate. Only a talented person with a certain list of skills, habits, and traits can generate leads and earn good money in this field. If you are a realtor or are thinking about getting this profession, consider 15 signs which will hint that this profession is the best choice for you.

  1. You remember every home you have sold or visited very well. 
  2. You have a perfect memory for faces and places you have visited.
  3. You never throw receipts immediately after receiving them since they are perfect write-offs.
  4. You always spot or track mileage driving from one destination to another even if it is not needed at the moment.
  5. You always slow down your car passing next to the home with a sign ’For sale’ in the neighborhood you work and try to find out who is your lucky competitor in the MLS. 
  6. You might have difficulties with calculating some simple mathematical tasks but figuring out a 3% discount and 5% commission is a matter of a second for you.
  7. You have excellent communication skills and never feel shy to start a conversation with a person you see for the first time.
  8. You are a talent to convince people without forcing them to admit your viewpoint.
  9. Your phone is always on accepting dozens of calls and messages. Moreover, you have several devices and ways to be connected with in addition to the mobile phone.
  10. You get used to answering your calls with the phrase ‘Hi, this is Anthony, from Status Real Estate Agency, how can I help you?’ never looking who is calling. Poor mum and your friends listen to it each time they call you!
  11. You have remembered every agent you have ever worked with or met in person.
  12. You schedule can change every minute and you never know what will happen to you in an hour, let alone any longer perspective. It is difficult to make plans in advance, but your creativity helps cope with any of the challenges faced.
  13. You want to find a photo of your kid in the phone but have to scroll multiple times looking through hundreds of photos showcasing homes and their interiors
  14. Your wardrobe has different clothes but smart and elegant suits take the biggest part of it being always ready for walking them in the public.
  15. You forget about everything when you hear news or advertisement connected with real estate, brokerage, mortgage, sales, loans, and many other things. 

If you have read all these points and can surely say that they are about you, it is time to stop letting stupid thoughts come across your mind and ensure that there is no better profession for you than real estate!

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