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3 Essential Tips To Make Your Real Estate Website Stand Out

Whether you are a big international company or local agency, it is impossible to run real estate business successfully without a website. It is not only a platform to show your listings to the potential buyers but also a place where customers can learn information about your agency, find information about realtors working there and ensure that it is safe to deal with you.

At the same time, there is hardly any real estate company that wishes to pay huge sums of money for marketing and a good website can substitute a variety of billboards, TV or printed ads. You must realize that it is the face of your real estate agency and it must be appealing to the visitors.

It is natural that a real estate agency website should include information about this company. It would be nice if you provide photos and short descriptions of realtors working there for the potential sellers to make their choice in their favor. This information is usually indicated in the About Us section. Other important features of a decent website are contact information and license provided there. It would be also nice to have some testimonials from your clients and offer some exciting content to encourage interested people to stay on the site for a longer period of time. But there are three more essential features to consider when you build a real estate agency website that can not be ignored in any case.

1 Many high-quality images

Real Estate business is visual one so it is of utmost importance to provide visual materials to your visitors. People, who go to such websites are either interested in the buying property or ordering realtor services. In any case, the website should be appealing to your guests so images play a very significant role in this.

Another important thing is photos in the listings. Looking for some property the first thing people look at is photos and price. That is why they must be bright, detailed and professional. Several shots on the phone will spoil the impression about the estate so it is better to turn to professionals. You will receive bright, colorful images with a high extension to interest more potential buyers. It would be also nice if rooms on photos were not empty. Encourage sellers to virtually stage their homes before adding them to listings to make them more appealing to buyers.

Property listing at

2 Property descriptions must be detailed and with price indicated

There is nothing more frustrating than the absence of any property description let alone photos. When you look through the listings and see an example that meets your price expectations you always wish to learn as many details about it as possible. Moreover, it will insure you from inquisitive calls from buyers and other occasional people.

It is important to provide the following information in the property description: its location, area, number of rooms, floor, state and give as many details as possible. One more important fact is the price: listings with prices are always sold faster than ones without them.

Property listing at

3 A powerful search system with filters

When a guest of the website comes to it with the purpose to find a property to meet his taste and requirements, he does not wish to look through all the examples offered on the site. That is why your task is to provide such visitors a powerful search engine within your website with filters to narrow down the search. You can offer your guest to select the number of rooms, area, the price of the property as well as give a chance to choose among new and already used property, with furniture or without it, select the region etc. It will make the search faster and improve user experience. If a person appreciates the work of your search engine, the probability that he will return grows in several times.

Search menu at

These 3 essential tips to consider when you design your real estate company website play a significant role in its popularity. It is very important not to compromise on characteristics that are crucial for website functionality and appeal, so the following tips will help you to make the website up-to-date and highly visited.

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